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Lore Outlands.png
Associated With
Heroes Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire
Places Nanarak
Dread Marsh
Species Dragon Toad

The Outlands is a blanket term all the lands past the Dread Marsh, and near Nanarak.[1] Other parts of the outlands include Praxa'cia and Krimwohl.[2]


Few people live in the outlands on account of its dryness and lawlessness. However, bandits have been known to roam the place, and met their end at the hands of Beatrix Snapfire. It may also be the habitat of dragon toads.[3] The keen do not live in the outlands, and the local inhabitants are not good at tinkering with machinery.[4]


  1. Snapfire response: ▶️ The outlands are just what simpletons call ALL the lands beyond the Dread Marsh.
  2. Snapfire response: ▶️ Like Praxa'cia. That's my favorite. Krimwohl tho, they can suck iron.
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  4. Snapfire response: ▶️ Never saw any other folk like myself. There were some with similarities, but they didn't have much knack for tinkering.