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Orrak is the Luminous Eldwurm[1] whose soul supports the universe as one of the eight pillars of creation. Among the four Eldwurms that represent the four fundamental forces, she is the equivalent of Keeper of the Light with her embodiment of light, but she is actually the strong nuclear force.[2]


Lifespan and Immortality[]

Like all Eldwurms, Orrak is immortal in a sense that she can reincarnate as long as there is a suitable host body for her soul to take up residence. Upon death, she finds the next oldest dragon of her type (which is the luminous dragons in his case) before filling their soulless body with her own soul.[3][4] The vessels she possesses are not immortal themselves, so they all die naturally like any living creature, but it is said that they have long lifespans and grow stronger in both physical strength and their respective elemental powers as they mature and age rather than wither into weaker dragons.


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  2. Tweet by @ashmasterzero "I’d go further and say light isn’t even “light”. Strictly speaking, Aurrak isn’t light — she’s really the embodiment of the Strong Force. And light (regular old photons) are just electric fields moving in space (Indrak’s domain). Confused yet? Don’t worry, the dragons aren’t! :)"
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