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Order of the Oyo
Associated With
Heroes Brewmaster minimap icon.png Brewmaster
Factions Nivan Gallants
Places Wailing Mountains
Ruined City
Gods Brewmaster's Father
The Wailing One
Cosmetics Flail of the Great Elder

The Order of the Oyo is a sect devoted to communing with the spirit realm through the consumption of alcohol. Their exact nature of their association with Oyo is unknown. Brewing their own drink with malt and hops,[1] members participate in rites of holy reverie, and spend their days contemplating art and the beauties of nature. The order believes there to be an ancient schism between the spirit and physical realms, a schism that can only be united by thinking a single enlightened thought.[2] It also believes that problems are best solved by more drinking.[3]


The order wraps the sword-arm of their young apprentices to symbolize their commitment to their forebears.[4] Armor is crafted by the order, sometimes from the remnants of ancient brewing casks.[5]

The Brewmaster[]

The most honored member of the order is given the title of Brewmaster. This title is contested through drunken ritual combat, sometimes lasting days at a time. The current Brewmaster is Mangix, who claimed it after emerging victorious following nine days of continuous combat with the previous master. Keeping with tradition, Mangix was awarded the Flail of the Great Elder along with his new title.[6] Like previous Brewmasters, the order sent out their new Brewmaster to wander the land in search of enlightenment, and to think the one thought that would united the divided realms.[2] The Brewmaster wields a keg full of drink, and a flail-staff to aid him in his journeys. The Brewmaster values balance,[7] perhaps reflecting on the order's beliefs as a whole.


The Order of the Oyo is friendly with the Nivan Gallants, possibly because of their shared love of alcohol.[8]


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