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The Omniscience, also known as the All Seeing One, is an entity worshiped by inhabitants of the Dota 2 world, although few had ever seen it firsthand. Laying deep within the core of the planet for billions of aeons, the Omniscience claimed to have created the world itself, by forming a massive stone shell around its body to protect itself from the dangers of space.[1] The Omniscience can be accessed through the cliffs of Emauracus, although the journey into the depths of the planet takes many weeks. Being all-seeing, the Omniscience can apparently see beings from other planes, such as Chaos Knight minimap icon.png Chaos Knight's phantasms.[2]

The Religion[]

A single book contains the scriptures ascribed to the Omniscience.[3] Pious pilgrams to the high cliffs of Emauracus expect to receive holy visions from the Omniscience.[4]

The religion compels its followers to go on crusades, converting peoples and creatures by strength of arms. Among its devoted knights is Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight minimap icon.png Omniknight. Following a period of faltering faith, Purist was selected by the Omniscience for a personal meeting, where he learned the true nature of his god. While the Omniscience's claims may not be verifiable, Purist's encounter with the All Seeing One, and the powers it had bestowed upon him, confirmed his faith beyond a doubt.[1]

Human sacrifice is practiced, by throwing victims into a pit. Slain enemies are also considered worthy sacrifices to the Omniscience.[5] Prophecies are given out by the Omniscience itself, or by its priesthood.[6] Dark magicks, such as Necronomicon 1 icon.png Necronomicon, are disdained.[7] Adherents expect to "dissolve" into the Omniscience in due time.[8] What exactly this means is unknown.

Devout followers are given magical abilities that protect and purify. The Omniscience itself shields his warriors on the planet's surface,[9] and enchants weaponry with holy properties.[10]

Long ago, the Omniscience blessed the first mortals, and these mortals became knights who forged enchanted armors that surpass anything made by the smiths of Emauracus today.[11]


A clerical order of Hierophants oversees the Omniscience's worshipers , with an Elder Hierophant leading the flock.[1] The names of Hierophants are sometimes inscribed on weapons.[10] Hierophants are required to adhere to a strict set of rules:

  • A Hierophant of the Omniscience must always sense the power that protects him.[12]
  • A Hierophant of the Omniscience must always feel the weight of responsibility upon his shoulders.[13]
  • A Hierophant of the Omniscience must always heed the words of his order.[14]
  • A Hierophant of the Omniscience must always guard against any threat.[15]
  • A Hierophant of the Omniscience must always approach with head bowed.[16]

Monks are also part of the clergy, known to sew capes for their crusaders.[17]


According to Strygwyr, the Flayed Twins demand the sacrifice of the Omniscience as a rival god.[18]

Zeus knows the Omniscience.[19]


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