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This page is about the race of ogres in Dota 2 lore. For the hero, see Ogre Magi minimap icon.png Ogre Magi.
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Heroes Alchemist minimap icon.png Alchemist
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Races Trolls
Factions Bonemeal Ogres
Bronze Legion
Places Feral Road
Bonemeal Ridge
Gods Goddess of Luck
Characters Bogdugg
Tox Armripper
Keefe Treekiller
Cosmetics Frost Avalanche

Ogres are a large, humanoid race in the world of Dota 2.


Ogres are a widely distributed species. They dwell alongside the Feral Road where they sometimes attack incoming travelers.[1] A branch of frost ogres live in the cold northern realm of Icewrack.[2] The Bonemeal ogre clan lives in the Bonemeal Ridge.[3] Some of them may also live in the forest camps between the territories of the Ancients.

The more civilized ones live in Stonehall as the Bronze Legion's heavy troops.[4]


What they lack in intelligence and agility, they make up for in their innate strength and Dumb Luck. Ogres are easily recognized by their towering endomorphic builds and the two prominent tusks protruding from their upper/lower jaws, similar to the ones seen on trolls. With the help of an alchemical tincture brewed from moulds and mosses, one ogre was able to break out of a prison through sheer strength.[5]

Their skin colors vary from yellow, grey, blue, and orange brown. Their extremities have a varying amount of digits.


Ogres are not very smart creatures. An ordinary ogre may mistake a tree stump or a boulder for its brethren, possibly explaining the ogre race's low reproduction rate. Often clothed in dirt, they cannot seem to grasp the concept of proper clothing, accidentally draping themselves in animal skins that they might throw upon themselves while eating lanekill. Some ogres are so inept, they are said to be unable to feed themselves properly.[6] There are some smarter ogres who lack the above ineptness, but they are still dimwits in essence.

However, there are some exceptions. The most notable one is the Ogre Magi, who has the sufficient memory and intelligence to cast at least two spells, putting them on the level of an ordinary wizard.[7] His magic and foolishness has garnered the attention of wise men such as Warlock and Ember Spirit.[8][9] There is also the Ogre Frostmage, who can cast a powerful protective spell that surrounds an ally with an invisible layer of freezing air.[10]


Although their low intelligence would say otherwise, ogres do have a culture. The ogres of yore were said to be great builders and skilled artisans by ogre standards.[11]

Notable Members[]


The Alchemist minimap icon.png Alchemist rides an unnamed ogre as his mount. The ogre is Razzil's enforcer and brawns.

Ogre Magi minimap icon.png Ogre Magi is the latest issue in a generation of rare two-headed ogres blessed by the Goddess of Luck and given the traditional name of Aggron Stonebreak. He has a very potent form of Dumb Luck in the form of his Multicast.


The ogre lord Bogdugg rules over the Bonemeal Ridge and the ogres that live there.

Tox Armripper is an ogre who was conscripted into the Bronze Legion. He is noticeably smarter than his brethren with his wider vocabulary and his ability to understand the concept of allegiance to another.[4]

Lommett is a wild ogre who chose corpse throwing as his purpose in life. He loves his job so much, he killed his friends who didn't support his dream job.[12]

Keefe Treekiller is yet another wild ogre. He is smart enough to recognize the use of any weapon or armor that he finds, make very simple analogies,[13] and he even came up with his own view on existence, which he imparted to his four year old daughter.[14]

There is a lineage of smart two-headed ogres that the current Ogre Magi is a descendant of.[15] Among them was an ogre leader who once wore twin masks, but their name has been lost to ignorance and oblivion.[16]



Ogres are carnivores. They may eat Keen,[5][17] Vhoul,[4] horses,[18] guana bats,[19] creeps,[20] and anything else that moves. They sometimes cook their food in stew.[21][19] Besides live animals, they can be scavengers and eat lanekill[6] or moldy food.[22] Ogres are not vegetarians.[23]


The ogre race worships no gods, nor are they smart enough to comprehend the notion of divinity. Because of this, the Goddess of Luck has taken pity on the entire race and blessed them with Dumb Luck to help them get through hard times with good fortune. Her relationship with the ogre race is one-sided though, because none of them seem to worship to or recognize her, save for the one ogre that she blessed with two heads.[24]


Ogres and trolls do not get along.[25]

The Centaurs of Marrowfell are known to hunt ogres.[26][27]


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