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Factions:Red Mist
Bronze Legion
Characters:Sorla Khan

The Oglodi are a race of humanoids that inhabit the Dota 2 world. They are known for their physical toughness, and their respect for strength.[1] Oglodi can be red-skinned or light-skinned, and some are much larger than others.


Most Oglodi are fond of warfare, and have formed armies like the Red Mist and Bloodmist. They are led by a Khan, and notorious for their brutal violence.[2] Nevertheless, some Oglodi, like Demnok Lannik and Disruptor, choose the path of magic and scholarship instead. For this reason, Grimstroke minimap icon.png Grimstroke hints that the Oglodi might have a hidden repository somewhere, possibly filled with secrets.[3]


The Oglodi despise the Keen because of their small stature and physical weakness. The Red Mist army clashed with the Tresdin's Bronze Legion at Roseleaf, indicating some kind of rivalry with Stonehall.[4]

The Oglodi have been known to hunt Trolls, including Jah'rakal.[5]

List of Oglodi[edit]


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