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Patch Notes

The current item drop system doesn't function well as a reward mechanism. It drops many items on players who aren't interested in them (the items are extremely common, or they're for a hero the player doesn't play), and in the process dilutes the value of the items. We'd like to get to a place where dramatically fewer uninteresting items enter the economy. We don't have a complete solution yet, so we're going to move forward step by step, taking feedback from you as we go.

  • Item drops are now entirely time based instead of level based.
    • Drop list now includes full sets, treasures, bundles and Arcana items at a rare rate instead of frequently dropping common items.
  • Battle boosters have been removed from the game entirely (we actually removed them from the store in September).
  • A new treasure, the "Treasure of the Rotted Gallows" has been added to the game.
    • Treasure Redemption Tokens and other items that can be redeemed for treasures can select this new treasure.
    • International 2013 Treasure Keys may now be redeemed for treasures.
    • The items in this treasure can be traded/marketed in 3 months (February 1, 2015).
    • The rare rewards from this treasure are not subject to the trade or marketing restriction.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed custom Pudge minimap icon.png Pudge chains not appearing on both sides.
  • Fixed Unusual Greevils not having their particle effects.
  • Fixed alternate hero icons not showing consistently in the UI
  • Buyback button now only accepts left clicks.


  • Contains:

Portrait Updates

  • Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden's portrait has been updated slightly to suit the new model size tweak.
  • Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin Arcana portrait entry added.
  • Mega Creep Models portrait entry added.
  • Portrait entry for Kanyu, the Land Shark removed.
  • More updates to Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle's portrait. Now has his own background texture.
  • New portrait entries for cosmetics added this patch.
  • New portrait entries for the unreleased DC chest courier - Angel and Demon.


  • A bunch of treasures have been removed from the store.
  • New Brands: Versuta.

Tournament items

  • Contains: