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Patch Notes


  • Added Meepo minimap icon Meepo to Captain's Mode.
  • Added Magnus minimap icon Magnus to Captain's Mode.
  • Fixed Reverse Polarity not pulling units from the right location.
  • Fixed Necromastry loss count for odd numbers.
  • Fixed Reverse Polarity stunning cycloned units.
  • Fixed Incapacitating Bite working against Wards.


  • Fixed enemy Meepo minimap icon Meepo illusions displaying the wrong health bars.
  • Team profile shows tournaments that a team has participated in.
  • Fixed bugs with cooldowns and disassembling Tranquil Boots.



  • Added Templar Assassin minimap icon Templar Assassin to the list of heroes that bots will purchase invisibility-detection items for.
  • When leading a target, bots will no longer target an ability in impassable terrain.
  • Added more usage cases for Poison Touch.
  • Earthshaker minimap icon Earthshaker and Tidehunter minimap icon Tidehunter bots are now more aggressive when they have Echo Slam and Ravage up, which should help them initiate more often.
  • Fixed excessive lead time in Light Strike Array usage.
  • Fixed case where AoE targeted abilities could be targeted on invisible enemies.
  • Fixed bug with Shallow Grave where Dazzle minimap icon Dazzle bot would only rarely cast it on teammates.
  • Windranger minimap icon Windranger bot will now more often follow up a successful Shackleshot with a Powershot.
  • Ranged heroes will be slightly more aggressive when laning.
  • Fixed issue where bots with lifesteal were overestimating their tankiness.
  • Fixed Juggernaut minimap icon Juggernaut's loadout to not have him buy boots first.
  • Dazzle minimap icon Dazzle bot is now a bit more judicious about using Shadow Wave.