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Patch Notes


  • Added lore to all remaining items.
  • Added minimap icons for shops.
  • Added grass physics for the game map.
  • Improved rune spot visibility when additive light pass is disabled.
  • Added icon to indicate Backdoor protection.
  • Added Arcane Rune minimap icon.png Arcane Rune response rules for Chaos Knight minimap icon.png Chaos Knight, Chen minimap icon.png Chen, Clinkz minimap icon.png Clinkz, Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden, Dark Seer minimap icon.png Dark Seer, Dazzle minimap icon.png Dazzle, Death Prophet minimap icon.png Death Prophet, Clockwerk minimap icon.png Clockwerk.
  • A couple of typos in some ability notes / tooltips have been fixed.
    • Doom minimap icon.png Doom's devoured ability slots now have the tooltip of "Devoured Ability" rather than say "Empty Slot" as they did before.
    • Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker's extra ability slots now have the tooltip of "Invoked Spell" rather than say "Empty Slot" as they did before.
    • Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick's extra ability slots now have the tooltip of "Stolen Spell" rather than say "Empty Slot" as they did before.
    • Io minimap icon.png Io's extra ability slots now have the tooltip of "Spirits In" and "Spirits Out" rather than say "Empty Slot" as they did before.
    • Missing tooltip modifier for Shackleshot has been added.
    • Assimilate, Eject, Ice Path, Sticky Napalm, Poof, Geostrike, Eyes In The Forest, Stampede and Walrus Kick damage types changed to magical.
  • A shorter form of "Radiant" and "Dire" titles have been added for areas where "The Radiant" and "The Dire" would not fit.
  • Radiant Courier, Dire Courier and Neutral Creep now have strings to be displayed in the chat.
  • Updated Ancient Black Dragon model.
  • Minor updates to the Troll Warlord minimap icon.png Troll Warlord helmet slot item. Additionally small minor update to the rest of his model.
  • All dota terrains now have backend support for a minimal mode that loads simplified textures. Probably what is used on lower end systems.


  • Added items library to the game.
  • Added hero complexity ratings.
  • Added option to choose Bot difficulty in Lobbies.
  • Added Fall 2016 Trophies.
  • The layouts for the front page panel have all been isolated so they can load independently and not bork if the something else borks.
  • Several changes to the video settings options.
  • A couple of typos in the cosmetic item descriptions have been fixed.
  • The tips on the loading screen about illusion damage has been updated to reflect the 6.88e change.
  • All quest related tooltips now have the numerical values and requirements highlighted in different colors in order to match the Fall 2016 Battle Pass theme.


  • Comes with the following potential rewards:


  • Contains:








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Tournament items

  • The Boston Major 2016
  • Dota Pit League Season Five
  • Royal Arena
  • ASUS ROG SEA CUP by Beyond Godlike
  • ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6
  • Midas Club Elite
  • SFG Champions League Season 3
  • Hans Pro Gaming Series Tournament
  • NYC Cruise Cup
  • World Electronic Sports Games International
  • Fall 2016 Battle Cup Ticket