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Patches (latest) September 26, 2012 Patch (Test) October 03, 2012 Patch (Test) October 05, 2012 Patch (Test)


Patch Notes

  • Added Magnus minimap icon Magnus!
  • Enabled Team creation.
  • Made all 6.75b Parity changes[1][2]
  • Added around 150 new items to the store.


  • Fixed basic courier movement speed being too low


  • Ability tooltips are now more precise about what kind of units they can target.


  • Lowered the tankiness threshold for doing Roshan.
  • Bots now only save for buyback later in games, and now save the proper amount.
  • Lich minimap icon Lich bot will no longer cast Chain Frost on a single target that's about to die or that is able to blink away.
  • Skeleton King minimap icon Skeleton King bot is now better about saving mana for Reincarnate.
  • Improved Windranger minimap icon Windranger bot's Shakleshot usage (she will now take into account unit movement).
  • Bots will no longer have any desire to farm while they are temporarily invisible.
  • Added support for selling/dropping situational items when necessary (wards, dust, etc).
  • Adjusted Skeleton King minimap icon Skeleton King and Dragon Knight minimap icon Dragon Knight bots' loadouts.
  • Bots will now scale their attack desire on non-heroes based on how dangerous they think the unit is.
  • Bots will now harass hero-like units (ie. Spirit Bear) when laning.
  • Bots will now consider trying to kill hero-like units.

Update 2

  • Fixed Freezing Field duration.
  • Fixed Power Treads attack speed.
  • Fixed Blade Mail tooltip.
  • Fixed Shadow Amulet not appearing in the shop while browsing.
  • Fixed Overgrowth duration.
  • Fixed Unstable Concoction duration.
  • Fixed only the tooltip on Summon Wolves HP being updated.
  • Fixed Magnus missing recommended items.
  • Fixed Devour cooldown.
  • Fixed Shadow Fiend's Requiem tooltip.
  • Fixed Shadow Fiend Requieming twice as many souls as he should have on death.
  • Fixed units to not teleport with Magnus if he is teleported while Skewering them.
  • Fixed Skewer having a cast range.
  • Fixed Reverse Polarity not moving units instantly.
  • Fixed Skewer killing Roshan instantly.
  • Fixed Skewer not destroying trees.
  • Fixed Sadist double regen.
  • Fixed non-animating Magnus portrait.
  • Fixed Incapacitating Bite still listing damage bonus values.
  • Fixed bot loadouts for Shadow Amulet.

Update 3

  • Fixed Burning Spears and Starfall tooltips.
  • Fixed Crystal Maiden channel duration.
  • Fixed Reverse Polarity vs ancients.
  • Fixed Shadow Amulet shop display.
  • Fixed various weapon effects on Bounty Hunter and Drow.
  • Fixed effect for smoked invisible characters.
  • Updated Shadow Amulet effect.
  • Fixed refreshes to not visually update right away.
  • Fixed tooltip showing incorrect sellback price for recipes.
  • Fixed Finger of Death cooldown changing when you have Scepter.
  • Fixed Thirst tooltip.
  • Fixed Lvl? death tooltip.
  • Fixed Chilling Touch tooltip.
  • Fixed Greater Bash tooltip.
  • Clarified Living Armor tooltip.
  • Fixed Divided We Stand toolip.
  • Fixed Helm of the Dominator exploit.
  • Fixed Double Edge's AoE component not being centered on the target.
  • Fixed Ice Path's radius changing based on z-values.
  • Reworked Sadist, it now gives the correct number of charges on hero kills.
  • Fixed Laguna Blade cooldown.
  • Fixed Global Silence tooltip.
  • Fixed Empower granting cleave to ranged units.
  • Fixed Skewer not affecting magic immune enemies.
  • Fixed Skewer not destroying trees at a larger radius when it finishes.
  • Fixed Skewer not interrupting targets it hits.
  • Fixed Skewer animation getting stuck when it's interrupted.
  • Fixed Reverse Polarity not being centered on the pull location.