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This page is about the goddess in Dota 2 Lore. For the hero, see Nyx Assassin minimap icon Nyx Assassin.
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Heroes 20px|link=Nyx Assassin|class=noprint Nyx Assassin
Abaddon minimap icon Abaddon
Races Zealot Scarabs
Places Hidden Hive
Artifacts Sacred Orb

Nyx is the queen of the zealot scarabs, worshiped by her race as a goddess. Like other zealot scarabs, she is telepathic, even more so than her lesser kin. She resides in a special chamber, possibly within the Hidden Hive.[1] Nyx may have some knowledge of alchemy, using special chemicals to help the current Nyx Assassin grow magic-resistant shell.[2]

The Chosen[]

As queen, Nyx secretes a special substance that causes young grubs to metamorphose into unique morphologies. With this substance, she selects a single grub, and triggers a transformation that causes the grub to develop into a Nyx Assassin. Not all grubs survive this process. Once an assassin matures, he is sent out into the world to kill in the name of his goddess. Nyx's personal motivations behind these assassinations, and how she chooses her targets, is unknown.[1] The blessings of the queen often imbue her assassins with strange new energies.[3]

Nyx also possess the Sacred Orb, which she gives to one of her assassins every one thousand cyclings of hive. The orb grants its wearer great new powers.[4]


Nyx appears to have a hatred for Abaddon, and has sent out emissaries in the past to attack him.[5] The reason for this rivalry is unknown. The Nyx Assassin also loathes Abaddon.[6]


  • Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night.


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