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Nuranu was a character in the lore of Dota 2.

In life, this person was an ancestor of the once extant Bear Clan.[1] Like all other members of the clan, Nuranu may have been caught up in the terrible war that fell upon the Bear Clan and was wiped out with the rest of his fellow druids, save for Sylla.[2]


Bear Clan[]

Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid has great respect for Nuranu, the most honored of his Bear Clan ancestors. Before Nuranu's oblivion, this ancient druid once parted advice to Sylla during their times in the Bear Clan. The teacher's advice outlives Nuranu, for it still remains in the memory of the final druid of the Bear Clan. When faced with an adversity of uncertainty, Sylla prays to the memory of Nuranu for aid, knowing that Nuranu's advice exists in naught but memory. Besides his memory of Nuranu's advice, Sylla also retains a pair of Nuranu's oversized claws that are fastened to bear paw gloves. The left paw has the face of a bear, while the right paw has the face of an owl, both of which possibly symbolizes something about Nuranu.[1]


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