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Nullifier is an item purchasable at the Base Shop, under Weapons. However, it requires an item from the Secret Shop to be completed.

Components required from the Base Shop
Nullifier icon
A dangerous weapon pilfered from an inverse dimension.
Cost 4375 Gold
Sell Value Full price refunded within 10s. 2187.5 Gold
Active Nullify
Bonus ? +6 Health Regeneration
+10 Armor
+75 Attack Damage
Shareable No
Disassemble No
Usage Alert ? No
Nullifier (4375)
Sacred Relic (3400)
Helm of Iron Will (975)


Dispels the target and applies a debuff for 5 seconds. Continuously dispels the target.
Cast Range: 900
Duration: 5
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol
Does not pierce debuff immunity.
Does not affect already debuff immune targets.
Blocked by Linken's Sphere.
Blocked upon impact.
Modifiers [?]

  • The projectile travels at a speed of 1800.
  • Applies a basic dispel in 0.2-second intervals, starting immediately as the debuff is applied, resulting in 25 dispel instances.
  • Nullifier first applies the dispel, then the debuff.
  • Can be cast on invulnerable units, applying the dispel and the debuff if the invulnerability can be dispelled.
    • However, if the invulnerability cannot be dispelled, the debuff cannot be applied, but can be refreshed, if already debuffed.
  • Despite the internal modifier's name, Nullifier does not mute the target.

Recommended Heroes[]

[[No results|110px|link=Arc WardenUnknown Hero icon]]
Arc Warden
Broodmother icon
[[No results|110px|link=JuggernautUnknown Hero icon]]
Lifestealer icon
[[No results|110px|link=RikiUnknown Hero icon]]
Slark icon
[[No results|110px|link=Templar AssassinUnknown Hero icon]]
Templar Assassin
[[No results|110px|link=Troll WarlordUnknown Hero icon]]
Troll Warlord
[[No results|110px|link=VenomancerUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=VisageUnknown Hero icon]]


Melee carry heroes that depend on auto-attacks with above average attack speed can use Nullifier to dispel enemy's disengage options, allowing them to attack at will.

Legion Commander icon
Legion Commander
[[No results|110px|link=SpectreUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=Spirit BreakerUnknown Hero icon]]
Spirit Breaker
[[No results|110px|link=UrsaUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=Wraith KingUnknown Hero icon]]
Wraith King

Heroes with multiple units or high attack speed that can struggle against certain saves like Glimmer Cape icon Glimmer Cape and Ghost Scepter icon Ghost Scepter, but can not fit a Hex or a Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon Eul's Scepter of Divinity in their item build and maybe have to get the kill done in a small window of time.

[[No results|110px|link=Drow RangerUnknown Hero icon]]
Drow Ranger
Lycan icon
Monkey King icon
Monkey King
[[No results|110px|link=Phantom LancerUnknown Hero icon]]
Phantom Lancer
[[No results|110px|link=UrsaUnknown Hero icon]]


  • Because this item has a short range and slow projectile speed, it is easier to land from a melee hero with a Blink Dagger icon Blink Dagger, Shadow Blade icon Shadow Blade or ability to close the distance.
  • A ranged hero may opt for a Scythe of Vyse icon Scythe of Vyse especially if they are an Intelligence hero. Note that Hex is dispellable with strong dispels.
  • Nullifier is strong against heroes with defensive items like Glimmer Cape icon Glimmer Cape, Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Ghost Scepter icon Ghost Scepter and Aeon Disk icon Aeon Disk.
  • Since Force Staff icon Force Staff is dispellable, Nullifier will stop enemy heroes after they have been pushed a very short distance. This also works on Hurricane Pike icon Hurricane Pike's self-casting for the same reason, but not on enemy-casting (both pushes are undispellable).
  • Use it on heroes that use dispellable Buffs on themselves to escape or deal/prevent damage like Windrun icon Windrun and Flame Guard icon Flame Guard.
  • Nullifier icon Nullify is one of the very few debuffs that cannot be dispelled at all, making it useful against abilities with strong dispels, such as Dark Pact icon Dark Pact, Press the Attack icon Press the Attack, and Aphotic Shield icon Aphotic Shield.
  • Since Nullifier is undispellable, and has a visual effect, it may be useful against illusions in order to visually differentiate the original hero from them.
  • Unlike with other items, Nullifier cannot dispel Echo Shield from Lotus Orb icon Lotus Orb at all if Lotus Orb icon Lotus Orb is used first, and it can reflect it back to it's owner. So be patient before using Nullifier on an enemy hero protected by Lotus Orb icon Lotus Orb.


Recent Changes[]

Main Article: Nullifier/Changelogs
  • Increased Nullifier icon Nullify projectile speed from 1100 to 1800.
  • Reduced Sacred Relic icon Sacred Relic cost from 3750 Gold to 3400 Gold (total cost decreases from 4725 Gold to 4375 Gold).