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Patch Notes

User Interface

  • Medals are now displayed under the name of the player being featured in a game on the Watch Tab left hand row.
  • Once you select a game, medals of ALL the players are displayed next to their name on the Watch Tab.
  • The place where it used to say Average MMR now just reads Ranked Game instead.
  • Moved Brewmaster Thunder Clap ability on the Earthling to the 4th ability slot.
  • Moved Brewmaster Drunken Haze on the Stormling to the 4th ability slot.


  • Fixed an issue with the Wraith King Mortal Strike tooltip modifier not displaying correctly.
  • Updated Clinkz note to read from Strafe ends if Clinkz loses the 3 dodge to Strafe ends if Clinkz loses the 3 dodge stacks.
  • Updated Clinkz tooltip modifier for Dodge Stacks to read the same.
  • Updated Nature's Guise description to remove the numbers and explain the ability better.
  • All tooltip modifiers related to criticals have been updated on the backend code to have the word critical on it and so that they are reflected correctly.
  • Fixed a missing period in the Wind Lace lore.


  • Update particle effects for Double Damage Rune minimap icon.png Double Damage Rune on hero.
  • Broodmother now has a dark version of the web particles.
  • Minor optimizations and updates to the Glyph particle.
  • Minor optimizations and updates to the Jinada particle.
  • Fixed Track's visual effect being attached to Bounty Hunter's wrong hand.
  • Minor optimizations to the Chain Frost particle.
  • Minor optimizations to the MK tree jump particle.
  • Minor optimizations to the Phantom Lancer Spirit Lance projectile.
  • Minor optimizations to the Gush projectile.
  • Minor optimizations and updates to the Phoenix Fire Spirit particle.
  • Minor particle fixes and updates to the fire version of the MK Arcana particles.
  • Minor particle fixes and updates to the TI6 Phantom Lancer and Tide Immortals.
  • Removed fresnel wrap map used on last years Winter Effigies.


  • Leaderboards now update every hour instead of 24 hours.
  • Leaderboards now display more than 200 people per region.
  • Leaderboards no longer display MMR.


  • Fixed a few talents not being linked to their respective abilities on the backend.
  • Added Arcane Rule responses to Underlord minimap icon.png Underlord.
  • Changes have been made so you can request games by league_id but you can no longer ask for large arrays of IDs and get the API to return only tournament games from it.
  • Aeon Disk and Kaya names on the backend have been updated to read aeon_disk and kaya instead of combo_breaker and trident as they did earlier.