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Patch Notes



  • Clicking on a hero row in the Heroes Played tab on the profile now shows a match history filtered by that hero.
  • Greevil Egg contents are now displayed correctly in the Steam trading UI.



  • Lich minimap icon Lich Bot:
    • will no longer Sacrifice icon Sacrifice an ally's dominated creep (heh).
    • will no longer stop to cast Ice Armor icon Ice Armor when frantically attacking or retreating.
  • Fixed bug that was causing bots to never try to avoid linear projectiles.
  • Bots will now try to avoid Illuminate icon Illuminate (both during the channel and when the projectile is released).
  • Bots will now buy invisibility-detection items for an enemy Weaver minimap icon Weaver.
  • Bots who are the targets of Life Drain icon Life Drain and Mana Drain icon Mana Drain will now try to break the channel by outranging it.
  • Bots will no longer pick up a droppable item if it would require them to drop an item.
  • For new players, the default coop bot difficulty level is now Easy.
  • Bots will now drop muted items that they've picked up in the fountain.