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Patch Notes

  • Mischief
    • Monkey King can now turn into nearby lane creeps or neutral creeps.
    • Added healthbar when Monkey King transforms into Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon.png Courier, Roshan icon.png Roshan or creeps.
    • Fixed a bug where a small percentage of the time Monkey King would transform into an invisible model.
  • Fixed Ink Swell's particle effects not matching the ability duration.

Ability Draft


  • Removed support for native XAudio support — the default audio system is now SDL.
  • Deprecated DirectX 9 support — as the penultimate step toward removing support for this render system, users who have been using DirectX 9 have been switched to DirectX 11. To facilitate reporting problems with DirectX 11, we've added a temporary command-line flag -deprecated_dx9

(which itself will be removed in the coming weeks).

  • Removed support for OpenGL on Windows. The optional DLC that previously contained the data required for OpenGL on Windows has been emptied and will be removed soon. Deprecation of OpenGL on macOS and Linux will be coming with a separate update.
  • Removed support for Dota on 32-bit systems.