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Patch Notes

  • Turbo Mode now uses the same pick order as All Pick.
  • The spectator hero selection screen has been updated to support Turbo Mode games.
  • Cosmetic fixes to Brewmaster's Sash of the Rumrunner's Carronade
  • Magic Immune now has a modifier tooltip icon.
  • Phantom Assassin corruption debuff now has an icon.
  • Fatal Bonds description has been updated to read "causing a percentage of the damage dealt" instead of the value. The value is now instead displayed on its own as shared damage.
  • Added a tooltip modifier for Pangolier: Ricochet: Pangolier ricochets and briefly loses control of his movement.
  • Added a missing tooltip for demo hero mode: Demo Hero.
  • Updated Pangolier portrait in the game versus screen.
  • Fixed Reverse Polarity and Launch Fire Spirits talent not being linked to the ability on the backend.
  • Tidehunter Ravage particles are updated and optimized.
  • Minor texture update to Keeper of the Light's body texture and the TI7 Immortal Mount texture.
  • Naga Siren, Necrophos, Night Stalker and Nyx Assassin now have response rules for Arcane Rune minimap icon Arcane Rune.

Tournament items

  • Captains Draft 4.0 Minor