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Patches (latest) November 07, 2012 Patch (Test) November 14, 2012 Patch (Test) November 21, 2012 Patch (Test)


Patch Notes

  • Added Slark minimap icon Slark.
  • Added a chatwheel for quick communication with teammates!
  • Added support for using keyboard templates!


  • Tournament Drops are now enabled for all leagues.



  • Added a form for soliciting new chatwheel options.
  • Added world heatmap for seeing where current players are located.
  • Abilities and items bound to alt-combinations now display as such.


Update 2

  • Fixed Slark's illusions not getting his Essence Shift icon Essence Shift values.
  • Added damage types for Pounce icon Pounce and Dark Pact icon Dark Pact.
  • Fixed Night Stalker wings.
  • Added option to smoothdrag when spectating or viewing replays.
  • Added option to invert middle-mouse camera grip.

Update 3

  • Slark minimap icon Slark's Shadow Dance icon Shadow Dance now has no fade time.
  • Slark minimap icon Slark can now use items/abilities while pouncing.
  • Slark minimap icon Slark no longer procs Essence Shift icon Essence Shift when attacking illusions.
  • Added regen effect on Slark minimap icon Slark.
  • Fixed case where Slark minimap icon Slark was purging one of his Shadow Dance icon Shadow Dance buffs with Dark Pact icon Dark Pact.
  • Added direct keybinds for the chatwheel messages.
  • Sped up chat wheel appearance a bit.
  • Chat wheel message hotkeys are now shown on the chat wheel.
  • Fixed broken chatwheel if alt-tabbed during startup.