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Patch Notes

Update 1


  • Fixed a case where player input would not be registered. If you see any further cases of this, please provide matchid and time.
  • Fixed Backtrack talent being disabled by Break
  • Fixed players not getting a TP scroll on start if they were disconnected
  • Tree Throw can now be point targeted (impacts first unit along the way)
  • Tree Throw cast range has been increased from 1000 to 1300.
  • Fixed X Marks The Spot self target being reduced by your own status resistance (status resistance in general only works on enemy debuffs)
  • Fixed Stormbolt being inconsistently reduced by status resistance depending on the units in the AoE
  • Fixed Timbersaw losing access to Chakram if he died as he ran out of mana while Chakram was out.
  • Fixed an exploit where Pangolier could cast Swashbuckle globally.
  • Fixed Naix gaining Assimilate if he infested Io while tethered (and then working really strangely.)

Models, Particles, Animations and Sounds

  • The following heroes now have Attack Speed Activity Modifiers (values that trigger different activity modifiers a.k.a animations) and Movement Speed Modifiers.
    • Juggernaut:
    • Shadow Fiend
    • Sniper
    • Phantom Assassin
    • Viper
    • Troll Warlord
    • Abaddon
    • Oracle
    • Winter Wyvern
    • Arc Warden
    • Abyssal Underlord
    • Monkey King (also has for Attack Range)
    • Pangolier
    • Dark Willow
  • Dark Willow now has her own custom particles for loadout.
  • Fixed an animation issue with Ice Blast Release on Ancient Apparition.
  • Fixed an animation issue with Troll Warlord's Whirling Axes (Throw)

Ingame UI

  • Fixed Pangolier's position on the post game screen portrait.
  • Fixed some HUDs not displaying correctly for heroes that can have more then 4 skills.
  • "Select All Other Units" no longer selects Uncontrollable Illusions. (It would intefere with Anti-Mage controlling Manta Style).

Update 2


  • Fixed Necronomicon Level 1 mana cost not being 50.
  • Fixed the burn DPS of Meteor Hammer being 60/115 instead of 50/90.
  • Fixed the movement speed of Venomancer being 270 instead of 275.
  • Fixed the damage of Heat Seeking Missile being 120/200/280/360 instead of 125/200/275/350.
  • Fix a bugged interaction between Morphling's Morph and Dark Seer's Wall.

Models, Particles, Animations and Sounds

  • Created two different sound events for Invoker's Cataclysm so the audio is clearly defined for the spell effect.

Update 3

  • Fix to Rubick's Telekinesis crashing the server.
  • Item builds for Tiny have been updated.