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Heroes Luna minimap icon.png Luna
Factions Dark Moon
Places Nightsilver Woods
Gods Selemene
Characters Lunar Moth
Species Felmoth
Cosmetics Avon of the Crescent Moon

Nova is Luna minimap icon.png Luna's mount. She is a large, female feline with black fur.[1] As a mount, Nova is adorned with light armor. Nova raised Avon, a felmoth spawned from the Lunar Moth. [2]

The Initiation[]

Prior to being Luna's mount, Nova was involved in the trial set by Selemene for Luna. At the edge of the Nightsilver Woods, Nova lured her future rider deep into the forest, who intended to kill her. Luna cornered Nova three times, but she darted further into the woods, prompting her to follow under the full moon. She found Nova sitting atop a hill, in the open. Nova charged Luna, but instead of killing her, merely snatched the dagger from her hand. She disappeared into the forest, and member of the Dark Moon appeared to initiate Luna into their order.[3]


Pudge once insulted Nova, but has since apologized.[4]


  • Because of Avon's half-feline, half-moth appearance, Nova may be the felmoth's mother, somehow having mated with the Lunar Moth.


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