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Associated With
Heroes Marci minimap icon.png Marci
Mirana of Nightsilver Mirana minimap icon.png Miranǎ
Races Human
Places Hauptstadt
Characters Gwanwyn
I know many things, but such information comes at a price.
The Black Market boss introduces himself and his services

Nikdo is a minor character exclusive to the series of Dota: Dragon's Blood.

In Dota: Dragon's Blood[]

Book 1[]

What the Thunder Said[]

Nikdo doesn't have a physical appearance in this episode, but he was mentioned several times. In the corner of a tavern within the human settlement of Barrowhaven, Gwanwyn, an elf whose occupation is locating items of great value for wealthy clients, reveals to Mirana and Marci that he does not have the stolen lotuses of her moon-goddess that she asked him for. Instead, he recommends going to the Black Market in Hauptstadt to see Nikdo, who will help her in locating the lotuses. Unsatisfied, Mirana rejects his offer and reminds him of his job of retrieving items, not names. He insists on being paid for that, but Mirana refuses to pay only for a name, so he replies that he will cancel the bargain with Nikdo and leaves.

Not wanting to leave a transaction empty-handed, Mirana stops Gwanwyn from leaving and decides to pay him instead. She admits that she has no money but she is willing to pay him with "other items of value" as she reaches for something in her pocket. Gwanwyn mistakes this offer for prostituting herself and withsays, mockingly telling her that Human women are "pleasantly soft but too easy to come by." This provokes Marci who stands from her seat to fight him, only to be halted by Mirana who corrects him. She hands Her bracelet to him, who recognizes Mirana's identity through it and her circlet. He is suddenly interrupted by a perverted villager and his pals, the former intending to take Mirana and Marci as his women.

Following a scene in the tavern that was pacified by Davion, Gwanwyn was banished and forced to leave because he was an elf. Mirana and Marci follow him outside as he tells them to meet Nikdo in Hauptstadt before running away.

Princess of Nothing[]

After being admitted entry to Hauptstadt's Black Market, a majordomo ushers Mirana And Marci to a private meeting room. Mirana and Marci discover and inspect Nikdo's portrait on the wall before Mirana takes a seat while Marci stands guard beside her. The doors in front of them open as four beefy bodyguards enter the room, followed by the man himself. Nikdo introduces himself to the pair and asks for their names, but Mirana gets straight to business, and confirms if he has info on the location of a certain rare artifact. Nikdo confirms that to some extent, saying that he knows much, but like Gwanwyn before him, he seeks payment for his services. Mirana replies by revealing herself as the most favored of the moon-goddess Selemene and that he will be rewarded handsomely by her goddess if he helps them.

Although he seemed to be oblivious to who Mirana truly was, Nikdo revealed that he knew this all along as Gwanwyn walks into his room with her bracelet. Realizing that she has been betrayed, Gwanwyn reveals that he was working for her uncle Shabarra all along to return her to the Helio Imperium. After stealing her circlet without resistance, Mirana expresses her regrets of not leaving him to be killed by the villagers in Barrowhaven. Gwanwyn then leaves Marci and Mirana to Nikdo and his men to be taken to the jails downstairs to be trafficked and returned to Shabarra, respectively. He is never seen again after this.

Personality and Mannerisms[]

  • Nikdo seems to have a somewhat feminine voice. It's unknown what this implies about him.
  • Nikdo is a degenerate. It seems that he relies on human trafficking to add more servants to the Black Market, possibly to be allocated to the chambers of servicing.[1]


Black Market[]

The majordomo in the Black Market refers to him as "Master Nikdo", implying that he has a high rank in the Black Market, or he is its head honcho. As such, he is often accompanied by multiple bodyguards, further proof of his status.[2]


Nikdo and Gwanwyn made a deal to give the former Marci minimap icon.png Marci while he took Mirana of Nightsilver Mirana minimap icon.png Miranǎ to return her to Emperor Shabarra. To this end, the elf lured the two into the Black Market.[3]

Other Characteristics[]

He often carries a mundane scepter with him. It may be a symbol of his status.



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    Overseer: Fresh meat, eh? Not bad.
    Gwanwyn: This one's not for sale, you can have the little one for fifty crowns. Do...what you like with her.
    Overseer: Eh, I'll give you forty, this skinny bitch won't last a week upstairs.
    Gwanwyn: Forty-five. She's remarkably soft for a servant girl.
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    Mirana: I am the most favored of Selemene. She will reward you handsomely if you help me.
    Nikdo: I know that above all.
    *Gwanwyn walks into the room, much to the surprise of Mirana*
    Mirana: You!
    Gwanwyn: We have a better offer than a few trinkets and empty promises. May I introduce Mirana: once Princess of the Moon, once Princess of the Sun, and now...princess of nothing at all. I locate precious things for wealthy people. One of my clients happens to be from the Helio Imperium. Your uncle.
    *Gwanwyn steals her circlet without Mirana so much as stopping him*
    Gwanwyn: And he wants you very badly.
    Mirana: I should've let those villagers kill you.
    Gwanwyn: Probably. The mute is yours.
    Nikdo: Take them downstairs.
    *Nikdo's men carry out his orders*