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New Bloom 2020 was a New Bloom event that ran from January 24 to February 13, 2020. During this period, players could earn festive rewards by playing regular matches.


  • During New Bloom, players can earn points and levels by winning matchmaking games, similar to a Battle Pass. 1,000 New Bloom points are needed to gain a level.
  • Casual and ranked matches award 200 points per win. Turbo Mode awards 100 points per win.
  • The first win of each day awards an extra 1250 points.

Points and Levels[]

  • Consumable rewards and wheel spins expire on February 19, 2020.
Level Reward
1 New Bloom - Dancing Lion
New Bloom - Tree Decorations
New Bloom - Firecrackers
New Bloom - Year of the Rat Balloon
2 Gift a Wheel Spin
Dota Plus Gift a Wheel Spin
3 New Bloom - Year of the Rat Balloon
4 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
5 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ Ceremonial Drums (Team chat)
6 New Bloom - Year of the Rat Balloon
7 New Bloom - Tree Decorations
8 Gift a Wheel Spin
Dota Plus Gift a Wheel Spin
9 New Bloom - Dancing Lion
10 New Bloom High Five Level 2
11 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️ Pop pop pop! (Team chat)
12 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
13 New Bloom - Year of the Rat Balloon
14 New Bloom - Tree Decorations
15 New Bloom - Dancing Lion
16 Gift a Wheel Spin
Dota Plus Gift a Wheel Spin
17 New Bloom - Firecrackers
18 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ Celebratory Gong (All chat)
19 New Bloom - Year of the Rat Balloon
20 Treasure of Unbound Majesty
21 New Bloom - Tree Decorations
22 New Bloom - Dancing Lion
23 Emoticon: Emoticon cny rat.gif
24 New Bloom - Firecrackers
25 New Bloom - Year of the Rat Balloon
26 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
27 New Bloom - Tree Decorations
28 New Bloom - Dancing Lion
29 New Bloom - Firecrackers
30 Treasure of Unbound Majesty


Special Consumables[]

  • Four special consumable items are available during New Bloom. They provide minor cosmetic effects in-game and do not affect mechanics.
  • Consumables appear on top of the in-game abilities panel, and do not count as visible items.
  • Consumables can be obtained by gaining reward levels, or through purchase from the Dota Plus store for 750 shards.
  • Each consumable has 20 charges.
  • All consumables have a 30 seconds shared cooldown.
Item Ability

Year of the Rat BALLOON: Inflate and send off an adorable, bouncy New Bloom balloon.

  • Cooldown: 1

Clever and fat soars the rat.

DANCING LION: Summons a happy and energetic Lion to keep you and your allies company.

  • Cooldown: 3

It takes a lot of practice to perfect these moves.

TREE DECORATIONS: Give any tree a delightful, seasonal touch.

  • Cooldown: 1.5

Festive trappings for even the bloodiest of battlefields.

FIRECRACKERS: Throw some firecrackers. Seriously, throw them!

  • Cooldown: 1.5

There's nothing more festive than explosions!


Requirement Reward
Indescribably rare drop from the Reward Wheel

High Five[]

New Bloom 2020 High Five Level 2.png

Graphical Modifications[]

  • The appearance of some in-game assets have been modified for this event.
Asset Modification
Tower models1 New Bloom 2019 Asset Towers.png
Last hit effect1 New Bloom 2019 Asset Lasthit.png
Fountain regen effect2 New Bloom 2019 Asset Regen.png

1 From previous New Bloom events.
2 Same as Fountain I custom effect from The International 2018 Battle Pass.