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Neutral Creeps
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Neutral creeps are a type of creep that are not controlled by any player. They are aligned to neither of the teams, and offer an alternative source of gold and experience. Neutral creeps appear in small camps scattered in the jungle on both sides of the map. They come with different power levels and most of them have unique abilities. Roshan icon.png Roshan, who sits in his den at the river, is also considered a neutral creep.


There are many different types of neutral creeps which spawn in small groups inside of camps within the jungle. These camps are categorised into small, medium, large and ancient creep camps.

Small Camps[]

Spawn areas of all creep camps other than Roshan.

Small creeps are the weakest of the neutral creeps. They give little gold and experience, deal low damage and have low health, making them easy to kill for any hero at any time of the game.

There are 6 different types of small camps, consisting of Kobolds, Hill Trolls, Vhouls, Ghosts and Harpies. The sixth camp type is a combination of kobolds and trolls. Besides the kobold camp which consists of 5 units, all small camps consist of 3 units.

Kobolds are the smallest creeps, but come in bigger groups. They are all melee and have no abilities besides one movement speed buffing aura on the biggest Kobold. Hill Trolls are ranged creeps, with one of the 3 having an active Heal ability which it spams whenever an ally is damaged, and a mana regen boosting aura. Vhouls are also ranged creeps and have poisoned weapons, which afflicts damage over time. The ghost camp consist of 2 melee units and 1 ranged unit, which has a slowing attack. The Harpies are ranged creeps with effectively no ability. Although one of the Harpies has a very potent Chain Lightning, it never uses it.

Camp locations Creeps Camp Name Total Gold [?] Total Experience Total Health Abilities
Default Stacked [?] For Stacker [?] Default Stacked [?]
Creep Camp Small.png Kobold model.pngKobold model.pngKobold model.pngKobold Soldier model.pngKobold Foreman model.png Kobold Camp 52‒67Gold (60) 44‒57Gold (51) 16‒20Gold (18) 107 Experience 91 Experience 1445 Health Speed Aura
Hill Troll Berserker model.pngHill Troll Berserker model.pngHill Troll Priest model.png Hill Troll Camp 59‒68Gold (64) 50‒58Gold (54) 18‒20Gold (19) 91 Experience 77 Experience 1450 Health Heal, Mana Aura
Hill Troll Berserker model.pngHill Troll Berserker model.pngKobold Foreman model.png Hill Troll and Kobold Camp 60‒71Gold (66) 51‒60Gold (56) 18‒21Gold (20) 93 Experience 79 Experience 1400 Health Speed Aura
Vhoul Assassin model.pngVhoul Assassin model.pngVhoul Assassin model.png Vhoul Assassin Camp 60‒72Gold (66) 51‒61Gold (56) 18‒22Gold (20) 93 Experience 79 Experience 1110 Health Envenomed Weapon
Fell Spirit model.pngFell Spirit model.pngGhost model.png Ghost Camp 62‒74Gold (68) 53‒63Gold (58) 19‒22Gold (20) 109 Experience 93 Experience 1300 Health Frost Attack
Harpy Scout model.pngHarpy Scout model.pngHarpy Stormcrafter model.png Harpy Camp 71‒81Gold (76) 60‒69Gold (65) 21‒24Gold (23) 109 Experience 93 Experience 1350 Health Chain Lightning
Total average 17% spawn chance, first spawn 20% spawn chance, following spawns 61‒72Gold (67) 52‒61Gold (57) 18‒22Gold (20) 100 Experience 85 Experience 1343 Health

Medium Camps[]

Medium creeps are also relatively weak camps, but stronger than the small creeps. They give a bit more gold and experience, deal low to moderate damage and have more health. Some of them can be dealt with early on, but some may be too strong.

There are 5 different types of medium camps, consisting of Centaurs, Wolves, Satyrs, Ogres and Golems. The number of units varies between 2 and 4 based on the camp.

The Centaurs are melee creeps, one of them being small and the other being big. The big centaur has a small area stun, which it only uses when enough enemies are within its range. The small centaur has an aura which makes its allies more resistant against magical damage. The Wolves come in a pack of 3, with 2 of them being small and without any abilities. The big wolf is capable of striking an enemy critically, having a chance to deal more damage on an attack. It also has an attack damage boosting aura, which makes this camp deal the most damage. The Satyr camp consists of 2 small satyrs, which are comparable to the creeps in the small creep camp power-wise, are ranged, and have a Purge ability which they never use, and 2 medium Satyrs, which are melee and have a mana burning ability which they also never use. Ogres are melee creeps which come in a group of 3, from which one has the Ice Armor ability which it never uses. Golems come in pairs, but split each into 2 smaller golems on their death. They are melee and have a long ranged stun which they do not use.

Camp locations Creeps Camp Name Total Gold [?] Total Experience Total Health Abilities
Default Stacked [?] For Stacker [?] Default Stacked [?]
Creep Camp Medium.png Centaur Courser model.pngCentaur Conqueror model.png Centaur Camp 69‒81Gold (75) 59‒69Gold (64) 21‒24Gold (23) 121 Experience 103 Experience 1450 Health Cloak Aura, War Stomp
Giant Wolf model.pngGiant Wolf model.pngAlpha Wolf model.png Wolf Camp 66‒78Gold (72) 56‒66Gold (61) 20‒23Gold (22) 160 Experience 136 Experience 1600 Health Critical Strike, Packleader's Aura
Satyr Banisher model.pngSatyr Banisher model.pngSatyr Mindstealer model.pngSatyr Mindstealer model.png Satyr Camp 68‒80Gold (74) 58‒68Gold (63) 20‒24Gold (22) 156 Experience 133 Experience 1800 Health Purge, Mana Burn
Ogre Bruiser model.pngOgre Bruiser model.pngOgre Frostmage model.png Ogre Camp 64‒112Gold (88) 54‒95Gold (75) 19‒34Gold (26) 109 Experience 93 Experience 2300 Health Ice Armor
Mud Golem model.pngMud Golem model.png(Mud Golem model.pngMud Golem model.pngMud Golem model.pngMud Golem model.png) Golem Camp 80‒106Gold (93) 73‒98Gold (85)1 14‒16Gold (15)2 132 Experience 122 Experience1 2560 Health Hurl Boulder, Shard Split
Total average 20% spawn chance, first spawn 25% spawn chance, following spawns 69‒91Gold (80) 60‒79Gold (70)1 19‒24Gold (22)2 136 Experience 117 Experience1 1942 Health
1 Summons are not affected by the 15% stack penalty.
2 Summons do not grant their stacker any gold.

Large Camps[]

Large creeps are the strongest of the regular camps. Their gold and experience bounties per camp are on the same level as the bounty of a lane creep wave. They consist of strong creeps with strong abilities and are very difficult to deal with early on.

There are 5 different types of large camps, consisting of Centaurs, Satyrs, Hellbears, Wildwings and Trolls. Besides the Hellbear camp which consists of 2 units, all large camps consist of 3 units.

The Centaurs of the large camp are the same as the ones from the medium camp, except that the large camp contains two small centaurs and one big one, instead of one of each. The large Satyr camp is similar to the medium one. It contains the same small and medium Satyr, but one of each instead of two, and has a big Satyr, which is a strong melee creep with a strong long-ranged area nuke which it uses only if enough enemies are within range, and a strong health regen boosting aura. The Hellbears are strong creeps which come in pairs, both being melee. The big one has an area damage and slow ability which it only uses when enough enemies are within range, and an attack speed boosting aura. The small hellbear also has a magic resistance increasing aura just like the small centaurs. Wildwings are 3 melee creeps, two of them being small and relatively weak and one of them being big and able to summon a Tornado which deals area damage over time for a long duration. However it never uses that spell. Besides that, it also has an armor boosting aura. The trolls are ranged creeps, two of them being small and without abilities and the other being big, with two abilities. It can ensnare a target for a short duration, which it never does, and temporarily reanimate 2 skeletons from a nearby corpse, which it does immediately as soon as a unit dies nearby while aggroed.

Camp locations Creeps Camp Name Total Gold [?] Total Experience Total Health Abilities
Default Stacked [?] For Stacker [?] Default Stacked [?]
Creep Camp Large.png Centaur Courser model.pngCentaur Courser model.pngCentaur Conqueror model.png Large Centaur Camp 85‒100Gold (93) 72‒85Gold (79) 26‒30Gold (28) 152 Experience 129 Experience 1800 Health Cloak Aura, War Stomp
Satyr Banisher model.pngSatyr Mindstealer model.pngSatyr Tormenter model.png Large Satyr Camp 96‒113Gold (105) 82‒96Gold (89) 29‒34Gold (31) 168 Experience 143 Experience 2000 Health Purge, Mana Burn, Shockwave, Unholy Aura
Hellbear model.pngHellbear Smasher model.png Hellbear Camp 97‒123Gold (110) 82‒105Gold (94) 29‒37Gold (33) 156 Experience 133 Experience 1650 Health Cloak Aura, Thunder Clap, Swiftness Aura
Wildwing model.pngWildwing model.pngWildwing Ripper model.png Wildwing Camp 78‒102Gold (90) 66‒87Gold (77) 23‒31Gold (27) 128 Experience 109 Experience 1650 Health Tornado, Toughness Aura
Hill Troll model.pngHill Troll model.pngDark Troll Summoner model.png(Dark Troll Summoner Skeleton Warrior model.pngDark Troll Summoner Skeleton Warrior model.png) Troll Camp 85‒102Gold (94) 72‒87Gold (79) 26‒31Gold (28) 184 Experience 156 Experience 2100 Health Ensnare, Raise Dead
Troll Camp + 2 Dark Troll Summoner Skeleton Warrior icon.png Skeletons 97‒126Gold (112) 84‒111Gold (97)1 26‒31Gold (28)2 208 Experience 180 Experience1 2600 Health
Total average3 20% spawn chance, first spawn 25% spawn chance, following spawns 88‒108Gold (98) 75‒92Gold (83) 26‒32Gold (29) 158 Experience 134 Experience 1840 Health
90‒113Gold (102) 77‒97Gold (87)1 26‒32Gold (29)2 163 Experience 139 Experience1 1940 Health
1 Summons are not affected by the 15% stack penalty.
2 Summons do not grant their stacker any gold.
3 Second row includes 2 Dark Troll Summoner Skeleton Warrior icon.png Skeleton Warriors.

Ancient Camps[]

Ancient creeps are very powerful special creeps. Unlike the regular creeps, these creeps have a special unit type, the Ancient type, which makes them immune to numerous spells, such as converting spells. They are nearly impossible to deal with early on, and for some heroes even later into the game. They have very high health, deal high damage and have strong auras. They also have high magic resistance, making it very difficult to clear them with spells which deal magical damage.

There are 3 different types of ancient camps, consisting of Dragons, Hides, and Golems. All 3 camps consist of 3 units.

The Dragons are ranged creeps but have a short attack range. There are 3 dragons, 2 of them being small and relatively weak and one big dragon. The small dragons have no magic resistance and abilities, making them the weakest ancient creeps. The big dragon has 3 abilities: It is able to spit a fireball which engulfs a target area in flames, dealing damage over time, a passive splash attack which causes each of its attack to deal area damage, and a stacking armor boosting aura. The Dragon never uses its Fireball ability. The Hides are, similar to the dragons, ranged creeps with a short attack range. Also similar to the dragons, it consists of 2 smaller Rumblehides, and one bigger Thunderhide. But unlike the dragons, all 3 of them have high magic resistance. The Thunderhide also has 3 abilities: It can slam the ground, dealing area damage and slowing hit enemies, it can temporarily frenzy an ally, boosting its attack speed significantly and it has an aura which boosts the accuracy and attack speed of nearby allies. The Thunderhide never uses the Slam ability, but does cast Frenzy on itself. The Golems are strong melee creeps. One of the three golems is stronger than the other 2, having much more health and a bit more damage. The big golem also has an aura which increases the health capacity of nearby allies, making them the tankiest creeps of all, not only due to their high and boosted health, but also due to their high armor and magic resistance.

Camp locations Creeps Camp Name Total Gold [?] Total Experience Total Health Abilities
Default Stacked [?] For Stacker [?] Default Stacked [?]
Creep Camp Ancients.png Ancient Black Drake model.pngAncient Black Drake model.pngAncient Black Dragon model.png Dragon Camp 160‒203Gold (182) 136‒173Gold (154) 48‒61Gold (54) 224 Experience 190 Experience 3900 Health Fireball, Splash Attack, Dragonhide Aura
Ancient Rock Golem model.pngAncient Rock Golem model.pngAncient Granite Golem model.png Large Golem Camp 156‒178Gold (167) 133‒151Gold (142) 47‒53Gold (50) 314 Experience 267 Experience 3795 Health1 Granite Aura
Ancient Rumblehide model.pngAncient Rumblehide model.pngAncient Thunderhide model.png Thunderhide Camp 152‒173Gold (163) 129‒147Gold (138) 46‒52Gold (49) 314 Experience 267 Experience 3000 Health Frenzy, War Drums Aura, Slam
Total average 33% spawn chance, first spawn 50% spawn chance, following spawns 156‒185Gold (171) 133‒157Gold (145) 47‒56Gold (51) 284 Experience 241 Experience 3565 Health

1 Ancient Granite Golem's Granite Aura increases nearby units' maximum health by 15%.


Main Article: Roshan

Roshan is a unique creep that spawns near the middle of the map. He also counts as an ancient creep and also has its own unique category. In addition to providing a large experience and gold bounty when killed, Roshan also drops the Aegis of the Immortal icon.png Aegis of the Immortal. The second time he is killed in a single game, a Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard drops from Roshan (and every time thereafter), a Cheese icon.png Cheese also drops from Roshan. The third time he is killed in a single game, a Refresher Shard icon.png Refresher Shard or a Aghanim's Blessing icon.png Aghanim's Blessing also drops from Roshan (and every time thereafter), a Refresher Shard icon.png Refresher Shard and Aghanim's Blessing icon.png Aghanim's Blessing also drops from Roshan. Roshan's power increases as time passes.

Roshan has a high respawn timer when killed. He possesses 4 abilities from which one is active. His first ability is an area slam which damages and slows nearby enemies. The damage gets stronger as time passes. His second ability grants his attacks a chance to bash an enemy, stunning and dealing bonus damage. His third ability passively protects Roshan from a single-target spell every few seconds. His last ability grants Roshan permanent bonuses as time passes, increasing his health, armor and attack damage, while also grants him phased movement and reduces damage from illusions.

Camp locations Creeps Camp Name Total Gold Total Experience Total Health Abilities
Creep Camp Roshan.png Roshan model.png Roshan 200‒290 (245) + 135 Gold to each allied hero 400 + 20 Experience per minute 6000 Health + 115 additional health
per minute
Spell Block, Bash, Slam, Strength of the Immortal


Neutral creeps start spawning at 01:00, and then spawn on every minute (02:00, 03:00, 04:00, etc). A creep camp can never spawn the same set of neutral creeps in a row. This means, if for example an ancient camp contains dragons, the next time neutral creeps spawn in there, they cannot be dragons. Besides this, the chances for each type are the same.

A camp does not spawn neutral creeps when there are units within the spawn box of the camp, not even when the unit is invulnerable or hidden. This means if there are neutral creeps already in a camp, new creeps do not spawn on the next minute mark. However, it is possible for multiple neutral creeps to be inside a camp. This can be achieved by aggroing the already existing creeps and make them leave the spawn area. If the area is empty on the next minute mark, a new set of neutral creeps spawns in that camp. The previously aggroed creeps then return to their camp, so that the camp now contains 2 sets of neutral creeps. This can be repeated a finite number of time, because it eventually gets impossible to get all creeps out of the spawn area. The spawn box areas can be seen by holding down the ALT key (if the option is enabled).

Every selectable unit can block a creep camp, except for the following:

Only units can block camps. Spells cannot block camps.


Neutral creeps do not belong to either faction. Most of the time, they just stand in their camps, doing nothing. They only fight when aggroed, which can be done in multiple ways. Neutral creeps can also flee under certain conditions. Once dominated, a neutral creep drops these behaviors completely.

Drawing Aggro[]

Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix drawing aggro of two camps with Fire Spirits in order to stack them simultaneously.
▶️ Sucessful stack sound

The aggro of neutral creeps can be drawn in two ways: By coming within 240 range of them (140 range in Roshan's case), or by dealing damage to or casting a single-target spell on them while within 1800 range of them. Aggroed neutral creeps follow regular auto-attack rules, meaning they prioritize the closest enemies. So if a unit draws aggro and another unit is closer to them, the closer unit gets attacked, and not the unit which actually aggroed them. If multiple heroes are about equally close, the one which attacks them get prioritized, while the one which does not attack, or attacks an enemy from the opposing faction has second priority, and the one who attacks its own allies has least priority. Multiple non-hero units within about equal range have all the same priority, regardless of what they do. The creeps ignore units which attack them from further away, despite them being a bigger threat. They always prioritize closer units. There is one exception to this rule. If a hero within the acquisition range of an aggroed neutral creeps issues an attack order on a hero from the opposing faction, the creeps immediately switch to attack the hero that received the attack order, as if they want to protect the opposing hero, similar to how lane creeps protect their allied heroes. Siege creeps always have a lower priority than heroes and other units, regardless of what they do. Buildings have a lower priority than siege creeps and wards have a lower priority than buildings, also regardless of what they do. Although neutral creeps can attack buildings, they are too far away. They lose aggro before they get within range. On the other side, towers do not attack neutral creeps, so even though creeps can be pulled close enough to towers, they do not attack the creeps.

Only units which can be attacked can aggro neutral creeps. Hidden, invulnerable or ethereal units cannot aggro neutral creeps. In these cases, the neutral creeps just stand still and fully ignore the enemy. Invisible units cannot aggro neutral creeps either. However, if a neutral creep takes damage from invisible units, the creep and all other neutral creeps within 500 range of it flee, instead of ignoring it. They move to a random spot 750 range away from their camp spot and walk for up to 5 seconds. If they reach the flee spot earlier, they wait there and return once 5 seconds have passed. Neutral creeps have shared vision with both teams, so attacking them from the fog of war still draws aggro normally.

Losing Aggro[]

If the neutral creep moves more than 400 range away from its original spot in the camp (called the "guard distance"), it loses aggro 5 seconds later and then returns to its spot. However, if the creep somehow gets within 400 range of its spot again before the 5 seconds elapse, it stays aggroed. The 5 seconds timer gets reset whenever the neutral creep gets 400 range away from its spot. If the timer does not get reset, their chase distance is effectively capped by their movement speed and the 5 seconds chase limit. This results in an average chase distance of 1750-2200 (400 base distance + 5*270-360 movement speed), assuming the creeps do not attack but only chase their target. If a neutral creep loses aggro due to the 5 seconds aggro limit, then it cannot be re-aggroed by standing too close to them until they return to their spot. It cannot be re-aggroed by damage for 3 seconds either, but can be re-aggroed by damaging them or another neutral creep within a 500 radius after 3 seconds have passed.

If they get re-aggroed within those 3 seconds, they behave exactly like described before, except that now the aggro lasts 3 seconds, instead of 5. Once all (remaining) creeps from the camp fully returned to their spots, they can be aggroed for 5 seconds again.

Neutral creeps also lose aggro when their target turns ethereal, invulnerable or hidden. In this case, aggro is lost immediately, so that they either return to their spot, or attack other nearby enemies. If they return to their spot after losing aggro this way, they still are aggressive while returning, meaning they attack any enemy within 500 range on their way back. This has no effect on their aggro timer limit. If their initial target turns unattackable while more than 400 range away from the camp spot, their 5 seconds aggro timer still runs down and does not reset if they find another target while outside the 400 range.

Interaction with Lane Creeps[]

Neutral creeps are mostly ignored by lane creeps. The only neutral creeps which lane creeps attack are the ones from the small camps, and the large within the main jungles at the off lanes. This means these four camps are the only ones that can be used to pull lane creeps to. Neutral creeps from all other camps are completely ignored by lane creeps. However, neutral creeps can always attack lane creeps, no matter where they are from. Even when attacked by the neutrals, the lane creeps still ignore them if they do not come from the mentioned four camps.

Night Time[]

During nighttimes, all neutral creeps, except for Roshan, are sleeping. This means during the night, their aggro range is reduced to 0, so they do not attack enemies who get too close to them. To draw their aggro, they must be damaged, or be targeted by a single-target spell. Besides not automatically drawing aggro, the creeps behave the same as during the day. When returning to their camp after de-aggroing, they go back to sleep as soon as they reach their original spot.

Sleeping creeps are indicated by floating Z's above the creeps.


If a neutral creep is disarmed, it cannot be aggroed. It completely stands still, ignoring any damage dealt to or any spell targeted on it or other neutrals. If an already aggroed neutral creep gets disarmed, it either stands still and waits for the disarm to expire after which it then returns, or it returns immediately as soon as disarmed. A disarmed neutral creep does not cast any spells either, even if the conditions are met.


Every neutral creep grants gold to whoever kills them. The gold values are different for each type of neutral creep, each having their own minimum and maximum bounty values. They also grant experience, however, unlike the gold, the experience is split amongst all nearby heroes, including enemy heroes, meaning when farming neutral creeps, enemies may leech some experience by standing within the experience range.

Neutrals also have a chance to drop neutral items on death.

Camp Stacking Gold[]

When a neutral creep camp gets stacked, the newly spawned neutral creeps as a result of the stacking gain a status buff with the icon of the player's hero that stacked them. This modifier has 2 effects:

  • When these creeps are killed by an ally of that player, the hero who stacked them gains gold based on 30% of whatever the ally got. This gold is not subtracted from the ally, it is granted to the stacking hero on top of what the ally gets for farming them. This bonus gold is not granted when the stacking player or an enemy kills the stacked creeps. A ▶️ sound effect and the typical gold visual effect indicate whenever gold is gained from stacked camps.
  • These creeps grant their killer 15% less gold and experience than they normally would do.

Only the creeps spawned from the stacking gain this status buff, meaning the creeps that have been pulled in order to stack the camp do not gain it. The buff does not expire, cannot be dispelled and lasts until killed. Even if a creep is taken over by a player, it still keeps the buff, granting less gold when killed, and granting gold to the stacking hero when killed by their allies. This means if taken over by an ally, the gold is only gained when denied by an ally.

A player gets credits for stacking a camp when one of their units was the first unit to aggro the camp. This means even when the neutrals switch to another closer target after being initially aggroed, the credits still go to the player that drew their aggro first. If a creep camp gets stacked without drawing their aggro at all, no one gets the credit. This is possible with the help of non-damaging position changing spells like Gust, which can move creeps out of the camp without drawing their aggro. If a lane creep aggroed them initially, the credit goes to whichever player aggroes them afterwards first. If no player aggroes them and they stack because of lane creep aggro, no one gets the credit.

Neutral Items[]

Main Article: Neutral items

Neutral items are items dropped by neutral creeps. They cannot be purchased or sold at shops, but are fully shareable. Neutral items cannot be destroyed.

Each player may equip only one neutral item in a dedicated neutral item slot. Unused neutral items can be put in the dedicated stash within the fountain.

Drop Mechanics

Interface neutral items stash.png

Colored neutral items are items found by the team

  • Neutral items come in 5 tiers. Items from each tier start dropping based on the time on the game clock.
  • Drop chance is calculated by pseudo-random distribution, and rolled individually for each team and each tier. Higher tiered items are rolled first.
  • Drop chance is only rolled when there is a real hero (excluding illusions and clones) within 750 radius of the killed creep.
  • Neutral items do not drop if:
    • The killing player is channeling Boots of Travel 1 icon.png Boots of Travel or Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll.
    • There is an enemy hero within radius of the killed creep. Clones and illusions do not count.
    • The creep was taken over by a player before it was killed. It must belong to the neutral team to drop items.
  • The same item may only drop once for each team.
  • A maximum of five items per tier can drop for each team.
  • Only one consumable neutral item may drop per tier for each team.
  • Drop rates are tripled for ancient creeps.
  • When a neutral item drops, it quickly flies towards the hero it dropped for, landing right next to them.
07:00+ Mins
17:00+ Mins
27:00+ Mins
36:40+ Mins
60:00+ Mins
Drop Rate
Tier/Time (Turbo)
03:30+ Mins
08:30+ Mins
13:30+ Mins
18:20+ Mins
30:00+ Mins
Tier 1 Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes 14%
Tier 2 Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes 10%
Tier 3 Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes 10%
Tier 4 Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram tick.png Yes Pictogram tick.png Yes 10%
Tier 5 Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram cross.png No Pictogram tick.png Yes 10%

Recent Changes[]

  • Stacked neutral creeps now grant 15% less gold and experience to the player that kills them. [?]
  • Reworked jungle area.
  • Neutral creeps' experience and gold no longer increase by 2% every 7.5 minutes.
  • Reduced neutral camp stack bounty for the stacking player from 40% to 30%.
  • The Radiant Ancient camp is now easier to stack.