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Nether Reaches
Associated with
Heroes Viper minimap icon.png Viper
Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna
Races Netherdrakes
Gods Ix'yxa
Items Assault Cuirass
Nether Shawl
Traditions Arts of Oblivion

The Nether Reaches (also known as the Nether,[1] the Nether Realm,[2] the Nether Hells[3]) is a subterranean location in the world of Dota 2.


Accounts of the Nether Reaches seem to vary in their descriptions, from a subterranean realm located beneath or near the level where the tectonic plates of the planet are located[4][5] to a spiritual plane of existence.[6] Either way, it is a realm with a lot of history behind it, having existed for millions of years.[4] It is said that it is called the Nether Reaches because it reaches into you...[7]

Regarding the former description, the Nether Reaches can be accessed by cracks in the earth that grant passage to the Nether Reaches. This is no longer an option, however, since tectonic slippage has sealed the realm and its inhabitants from the surface world.[4] There are vents in the Nether Reaches, but it's unknown what these vents allow passage for.[5] Luminous caverns exist in this realm, which is home to the Netherdrakes.

As for the latter description, the Nether Reaches may not be a physical location, but rather a spiritual plane of existence. When targets are banished to the Nether Reaches, they become ethereal, much like an intangible ghost.[8] There is also a ward that draws power from the Nether Reaches, and it exists between the corporeal plane and a spiritual realm, causing it to be half-corporeal and half-ethereal.[9] Items from the Nether Reaches can only appear in the material plane by tethering it to the said plane of existence.[10] These pieces of info seem to contradict with the realm's status as a physical realm.

Rumors of a possible entrance to this place may dispel the ambiguity, however. It is said that a passage to the sealed Nether Reaches exists between the realms, possibly hinting that the Nether Reaches is both a corporeal and ethereal location due to having a liminal existence between the realms.[11]


In the Nether Reaches, the Arts of Oblivion are practiced by its inhabitants. There is a lamasery dedicated to the Arts of Oblivion, where young children are taught how to master its dark applications to become the next grandmaster of Oblivion.[12] This brand of magic draws its power from the nether energies of this realm.[5]

Pugna claims that all magic has their source in the Nether Reaches.[13]

Notable Inhabitants[]


Viper minimap icon.png Viper is but one of the many netherdrakes that hails from the Nether Reaches' luminous caverns. He has been released from that place by a certain wizard who had hoped to capture and tame him, but managed to break free into the surface world.

Born in a village near the vents of the Nether Reaches, Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna is another native of this place. He spent his entire childhood in this realm, groomed at a young age to become the next grandmaster of Oblivion, mastering dark magic in the lamasery for the arts of Oblivion.


Among the Nether Reaches' baleful lifeforms, there exists Ix'yxa the Destroyer, the most fearsome among them all.[14]


The Nether Reaches teem with baleful life,[14] including the Netherdrakes who have lived in the caverns of the realm for millions of years.


The Assault Cuirass icon.png Assault Cuirass was forged in this realm.

Judging by its Nether moniker and its otherworldly origins, the Nether Shawl icon.png Nether Shawl may have originated from this place.


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