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This article is about the game event and its lore. For the Battle Pass, see Nemestice 2021 Battle Pass
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Nemestice is an official custom game mode taking place from June 24, 2021 to August 17, 2021. It was created to coincide with the release of the Nemestice 2021 Battle Pass.

This event is free to play for everyone, and does not require the Battle Pass to be purchased.


Nemestice description.png

Mysterious Meteorites Strike the Heart of the Battlefield. Wipe out your Enemy's Towers to gain control

Gather Meteorite Fragments
Every three minutes, the Nemestice Storm will cause a giant meteorite strike in the center of the map. Channel meteorites to collect Nemestice Embers. Try to dodge falling meteorites before they hit you.

Power from the Storm
Nemestice Embers grant Embercharge, boosting your attack damage, spell amplification, and movement speed. Gain enough Embercharge and you'll even shock nearby opponents.

Nemestice Towers and Creeps
Each time a tower is destroyed, power disperses to its allied towers, making them stronger -- as well as drawing the attention and assistance of Nemestice-crazed creeps. Destroy all enemy towers to win.

Strategy Phase[]

The strategy phase begins with an 8-second long ban phase, where each player can ban a hero. After that, a 30-second long picking phase begins, where all players can pick their heroes at the same time. Players who did not pick a hero yet have again 30 seconds to pick one, but will lose 2 gold for each second that passes, until they pick a hero.

Every player starts with 1000 gold.


  • Two teams of 5 players each compete to gather meteorite fragments while avoiding falling meteorites. The team that eliminates all four enemy towers wins the match.
  • Nemestice embers grant Embercharge , boosting the players attack damage, spell damage and movement speed.
  • Each time a a team looses a tower, the remaining towers get upgraded, adding specific, stronger creeps to their waves.
  • A Mango Tree icon.png Mango Tree is placed at both teams' camps, that drops an Enchanted Mango icon.png Enchanted Mango every 60 seconds.
  • Uses the streamlined Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon.png Courier from Turbo Mode.


All heroes are available. The following abilities are slightly modified:


Nemestice uses the default items of Dota 2, with a few tweaks. A couple of items are completely disabled, while a very few received modifications.

Disabled items[]

The following items cannot be bought in Nemestice

Tome of Knowledge (75) Helm of the Dominator (2400) Town Portal Scroll (100) Divine Rapier (5950)
Tome of
Helm of
the Dominator
Town Portal
Divine Rapier

Modified items[]

These items have been modified.

Item Modification
Sentry Ward (50) Restock time from 75 to 60.
Dust of Appearance (80) Gold cost from 80 to 50.
Town Portal Scroll (100) Although not purchasable, the free initial Town Portal Scroll is still given to each hero.
Is a permanent item, instead of having a single charge.
Cooldown from 80 to 60. Mana cost from 75 to 0.
Aghanim's Shard (1400) Initial restock time from 1200 to 300.
Meteor Hammer (2350) Building impact damage from 75 to 0. Building damage per second from 60 to 0.


Battle Pass[]



Nemestice Lore.png
Associated With
Heroes Arc Warden minimap icon.png Arc Warden

Hoodwink minimap icon.png Hoodwink

Places Mad Moon
Mysterious Meteorites Strike the Heart of the Battlefield

In the wake of the Mad Moon's destruction, willful fragments of Radiant Ore and Direstone crashed upon our world. But a third type of stone—Nemestice, warped remnants of the shattered moon still unswayed by either petulant Ancient and bursting with Zet's sacrificed power—was left drifting behind. Aeons later, Nemestice at last makes landfall to disrupt their battle, and to those who would hold power over both Ancients, there is no greater prize.

Nemestice is the Mad Moon's orginal rocks, untouched by the influences of the two Ancients, Radiant and Dire. The ore is highly pearlescent, seemingly shining in pink, purple and light blue colors.

Nemestice Trailer Summary

It all begins at the forests, where Arc Warden is holding an energy compass searching for something. He heard something from the shadows. It is Hoodwink calling him Space Face and orders him to crack one firing using her Acorn Shot and steals the compass and scurries away. Arc Warden then casts his tempest double to cut her off. The double tried to attack Hoodwink but the double got Bushwacked to a tree. Hoodwink then sniffs and opens the compass and reveals that Arc Warden is trying to activate the stone slabs and a thing crashed knocking her out.

Hoodwink then wakes up and notices a Gem. She gets the gem and gain some powers. She scurries to the crater and see that Arc Warden is charged up awed preparing to fight. Hoodwink then charges up and then arms and fires her crossbow and the two battle as the mad moon rains crystals over the land.


The Nemestice update introduced AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution. Players can enable this setting in the Video options by turning the "Game Screen Render Quality" to less than 100%, and then turning on the "FidelityFX Super Resolution" checkbox.

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