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Narrow Maze
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Heroes Razor minimap icon.png Razor
Visage minimap icon.png Visage
Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King
Places Underscape
Characters Visage's Familiar
Artifacts Book of the Dead
Cosmetics Severing Crest

The Narrow Maze is a complex system of twisted passageways that newly deceased souls must navigate before reaching the Underscape. In doing so, the Narrow Maze sorts souls based on their intelligence, cunning, and persistence. Some souls exit into points of light, while others exit into dark pits. The walls of the Narrow Maze are lined with sharpened blades.[1] A few blessed individuals have returned to life from the Narrow Maze, although how exactly is unknown.[2]

The Book of the Dead is kept by Razor, who scorches the names of the dead into the pages of the book, possibly using his powers rather than mundane methods like ink.[3]


The Narrow Maze is watched over by numerous guardians.[4] The most well known is Razor, the Lightning Revenant. Hovering above the passages, he uses his electric whip to usher souls to the exits.[5] He wears a mask, which has a map of the passageways written on the inside for him to see.[6] Those who try to resist Razor and the other unnamed guardians of the Narrow Maze are cast into the "herebetween", a sort of limbo, in which they will wander forever with no afterlife to go to.[4] Visage's Familiar is also known as one of the guardian watching over the maze.


Sun Wukong has been to and escaped from the Narrow Maze,[7] where he erased his own name and several others from the Book of the Dead.[8][9]


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