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Mount Pyrotheos
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Heroes Broodmother minimap icon.png Broodmother
Places Magnetic Ziggurat
Characters Ptholopthales
Cosmetics Steelweb of Pytheos Set

Mount Pyrotheos is a dead volcano. Below its smoldering caldera is a complex system of dark lava tube, where Black Arachnia lives with her many spiderlings.

The Spider Cult[]

Broodmother and her spiderlings were once revered by a cult near Mount Pyrotheos, who believed their insatiable hunger was divine. The cult constructed metal armor for her from the flames beneath Mount Pyrotheo's caldera.[1] Worshipers would then offer that armor to Broodmother before throwing themselves into her webs to be devoured.[2] The cult of spiders has since disappeared, leaving only pieces of armor scattered across Broodmother's endless webs.[3]

The Magnetic Ziggurat[]

Knowing that Black Arachnia's presence discouraged intruders, Ptholopthales came to Mount Pyrotheos, and built his Magnetic Ziggurat on the slopes of the volcano. This attracted an endless number of thiefs, all of which were consumed by Black Arachnia. However, the intruders posed a danger to her young. Black Arachnia paid a visit to Ptholopthales, who refused to discuss a compromise to lessen the number of intruders. Angered, Black Arachnia wrapped the vizier in a silken cocoon, and ate him. Unfortunately, this did not stop the continuous stream of thieves, and thus Broodmother has set out to hunt down any potential intruders before they set foot near her tunnels.[4]


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