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Lore Mortimer.png
Associated with
Heroes Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire
Places Nanarak
Species Dragon Toad

Mortimer is a dragon toad, and was adopted by Beatrix Snapfire as her mount. He is orange-red in color, and like other dragon toads, able to spit globs of fire. Like his rider, Mortimer hails from the deserts of Nanarak, near the Outlands.[1]

Mortimer loves meatballs.[2]


Mortimer was found by Beatrix as a baby, when he was barely the size of a hand. He was given a name as a joke, and Beatrix's gang planned to eat him when he grew larger.[3] When Beatrix fell out with the gang, Mortimer followed her and the two left together. Beatrix expects him to outlive her and find another partner.[4]

Aside from Beatrix, Mortimer also seems to like Lanaya, and vice versa.[5][6]


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