Mono Militis

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This page is about the faction in Dota 2 lore. For the cosmetic item, see Mono Militis Set.
Mono Militis
Associated with
Heroes:Sven minimap icon.png Sven
Factions:Vigil Knights
Chiseled Guard
Places:Vigil Keep
Artifacts:Cats-eye Gemstones
Cosmetics:Mono Militis Set

The Mono Militis is a sect among the Vigil Knights, tasked with hunting down members who've strayed from the teachings of the Vigil Codex.[1] It is known for its strange helmets that obstruct the wearer's natural vision, instead using a cats-eye gemstone to provide enhanced sight through magical scrying.[2] The same cats-eye gemstone is used as the sect's sigil.[3]


  • Militis is the Latin word for "soldier".
  • Mono refers to a singular entity, likely referring to the helmet's one eye.