Monarch of the Sapphire Glen

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Monarch of the Sapphire Glen
Cosmetic icon Monarch of the Sapphire Glen.png
Nature's Prophet icon.png
Nature's Prophet
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Back

Long ago, before Nature's Prophet's seed was made to sprout, Verodicia imbued a sapphire gem with a spark of her essence, meant to be left behind in the wastes of a war-torn land so that the cycle of life might sooner return to a place bereft of it.


Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect
Wrath of Nature Effect

Ability icon[edit]

Wrath of Nature
Monarch of the Sapphire Glen Wrath of Nature icon.png



  • This item shares aesthetics with Fluttering Staff.
  • The Wrath of Nature bouncing projectile effect is only visible if Effects Quality is set to High.