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Monarch Bow
Cosmetic icon Monarch Bow.png
Wearable 5386
Drow Ranger icon.png
Drow Ranger
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Weapon

A relic from a hegemony long since passed, the Monarch rewards those who value lethal precision and skill over blunt force. As graceful in action as at rest, it compliments perfectly the coolest of heads under the deadliest of circumstances.
Created By

This item was obtained in Genuine quality by purchasing the Butterfly Sword from WETA Workshop. It is no longer available.


Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect Monarch Bow ambient.gif
Frost Arrows Effect Monarch Bow Frost Arrows.gif

Additional Lore[]

The tales called Butterfly a blade of betrayal, for it is said that in the hands of the uncertain swinging the sword brings with it a promise of disaster. Whether through its treacherous balance or its deceptive weight, the unprepared have been known to pay in blood and bone. Yet in the grip of the confident, few tools have proven more valuable or deadly. To use the blade properly it is said one must trust it completely, allowing it to wield the user. Follow its weight as it weaves a legato line with the enemy; feel its speed as it meets every staccato strike with one of its own. For the faithful, permitting the Butterfly to lead the course of combat will reward the warrior with a way into the heart of all foes.



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Patch History[]

  • Updated in-game icons to show the item's new particle effects.