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The documentation for this module can be found at Template:ValueColor.
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Lua error in Module:Dependencies at line 14: The module appears to be empty.

return {

    ["aghs"] = 'With Aghanim\'s Scepter',
    ["shard"] = 'With Aghanim\'s Shard',
    ["aghshard"] = 'With Aghanim\'s Scepter and Aghanim\'s Shard',
    ["aghstal"] = 'With Aghanim\'s Scepter and Talent',
    ["shardtal"] = 'With Aghanim\'s Shard and Talent',
    ["gold"] = 'Bounty',
    ["xp"] = 'Experience',
    ["tal"] = 'With Talents',
    ["10tal"] = 'With level 10 Talent',
    ["15tal"] = 'With level 15 Talent',
    ["20tal"] = 'With level 20 Talent',
    ["25tal"] = 'With level 25 Talent',