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Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana, the Princess of the Moon
Born to a royal family, a blood princess next in line for the Solar Throne, Mirana willingly surrendered any claim to mundane land or titles when she dedicated herself completely to the service of Selemene, Goddess of the Moon. Known ever since as Princess of the Moon, Mirana prowls the sacred Nightsilver Woods searching for any who would dare poach the sacred luminous lotus from the silvery pools of the Goddess's preserve. Riding on her enormous feline familiar, she is poised, proud and fearless, attuned to the phases of the moon and the wheeling of the greater constellations. Her bow, tipped with sharp shards of lunar ore, draws on the moon's power to charge its arrows of light.
Associated with
Heroes Luna minimap icon.png Luna
Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight
Places Nightsilver Woods
Temple of Mene
Demon Star
Gods Selemene
Characters Sagan
Species Sabre-Lynx
Lunar Dragons
Other Lore Solar Throne


Mirana was once besieged and forced to defend her dying mount. Exhausted and at the verge of collapse, her struggle was seen by the Selemene's former mount, the heavenly Axia of Metira, who descended from the skies to carry Mirana away.[5] It is unknown whether or not Mirana's dying mount refers to Sagan.

Dragon's Blood[]

Mirana is first introduced alongside Marci. The duo searched for Selemene's Lotuses. And she ran into Dragon Knight during his celebrations at the tavern. Davion grew interested in her and later accompanied them from Haupstadt to the Dragon Hold.

Friendships and rivalries[]

Allies meeting Mirana

Enemies killing Mirana



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