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Minimap 7.33

The minimap is a HUD element that represents the game map on a smaller scale. It displays in real time the location and status of buildings, heroes, creeps, couriers and wards. The minimap is subject to team vision, with unseen areas covered by the fog of war. Certain events and Terrain items can alter the appearance of the minimap.


These settings can be changed in the game options.

  • Location: Changes the minimap to display on the bottom left or bottom right of the interface.
  • Simple Colors: Uses a single color for all heroes on the same team.
  • Hide Background: Hides graphical background on the minimap, and displays only essential game elements like heroes, couriers, buildings, wards, and creeps.
  • Simple Background: Replaces graphical background on the minimap by simple background. Turned on by default.
  • Draw Hero Icons: When holding ALT, displays hero icons instead of hero names.
  • Always Use Icons/Names: Permanently displays hero icons and names instead of arrows and Os.




Abaddon minimap iconAncient Apparition minimap iconAxe minimap iconBane minimap iconBristleback minimap iconBroodmother minimap iconCentaur Warrunner minimap iconChaos Knight minimap iconClinkz minimap iconCrystal Maiden minimap iconDark Seer minimap iconDawnbreaker minimap iconDazzle minimap iconDisruptor minimap iconDoom minimap iconDragon Knight minimap iconEarthshaker minimap iconElder Titan minimap iconEnigma minimap iconHoodwink minimap iconJakiro minimap iconKeeper of the Light minimap iconLegion Commander minimap iconLeshrac minimap iconLich minimap iconLifestealer minimap iconLuna minimap iconLycan minimap iconMarci minimap iconMars minimap iconMedusa minimap iconMeepo minimap iconMonkey King minimap iconOracle minimap iconOutworld Destroyer minimap iconPangolier minimap iconPrimal Beast minimap iconPuck minimap iconShadow Shaman minimap iconSlardar minimap iconSlark minimap iconSnapfire minimap iconStorm Spirit minimap iconTimbersaw minimap iconViper minimap iconVoid Spirit minimap iconWeaver minimap iconZeus minimap icon

Other Units[]

Other Units

Brewmaster Earth minimap icon Brewmaster Storm minimap icon Brewmaster Fire minimap icon Brewmaster Void minimap icon Tempest Double minimap icon

Custom Icons[]

Some cosmetic items will alter a hero's minimap icon.


Frost Avalanche Crystal Maiden minimap icon Benevolent Companion Io minimap icon Bladeform Legacy Juggernaut minimap icon Blades of Voth Domosh Legion Commander minimap icon Fiery Soul of the Slayer Lina minimap icon Great Sage's Reckoning Monkey King minimap icon Manifold Paradox Phantom Assassin minimap icon Feast of Abscession Pudge minimap icon Demon Eater Shadow Fiend minimap icon Swine of the Sunken Galley Techies minimap icon
Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm Terrorblade minimap icon Tempest Helm of the Thundergod Zeus minimap icon The Magus Cypher Rubick minimap icon Planetfall Earthshaker minimap icon Planetfall Alt Earthshaker minimap icon Flockheart's Gamble Ogre Magi minimap icon Flockheart's Gamble Alt Ogre Magi minimap icon Crown of the One True King Wraith King minimap icon Eminence of Ristul Queen of Pain minimap icon Eminence of Ristul Alt Queen of Pain minimap icon
Compass of the Rising Gale Windranger minimap icon Compass of the Rising Gale Alt Windranger minimap icon Phantom Advent Spectre minimap icon Phantom Advent Alt Spectre minimap icon Dread Retribution Drow Ranger minimap icon Dread Retribution Alt Drow Ranger minimap icon Claszian Apostasy Faceless Void minimap icon Claszian Apostasy Alt Faceless Void minimap icon Voidstorm Asylum Razor minimap icon Voidstorm Asylum Alt Razor minimap icon


Acolyte of the Lost Arts Invoker minimap icon The Disciple's Path Anti-Mage minimap icon The Toy Butcher Pudge minimap icon Davion of Dragon Hold Dragon Knight minimap icon Mirana of Nightsilver Mirana minimap icon Conduit of the Blueheart Crystal Maiden minimap icon Exile Unveiled Phantom Assassin minimap icon


The black background is shown for contrast, and is not part of the icons.

Shop Icon
Main Shop Main Shop minimap icon
Side Lane Shop
Side Lane Shop minimap icon
Secret Shop Secret Shop minimap icon


The Dire side icons are only used when observing a game. For players, the player's personal courier uses the Radiant style icons while allied and enemy couriers are shown as a green or white dot respectively.

Courier Radiant icon Radiant Dire icon Dire
Animal Courier icon Animal Courier Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon Animal Courier Dire minimap icon
Flying Courier icon Flying Courier Flying Courier Radiant minimap icon Flying Courier Dire minimap icon


Friendly wards are colored green (blue in colorblind mode), and enemy wards are colored red. When spectating, Radiant icon Radiant wards are green/blue, and Dire icon Dire wards are red.

Ward Icon
Observer Ward icon Observer Ward Observer Ward minimap icon
Sentry Ward icon Sentry Ward Sentry Ward minimap icon


Bounty Runes are always shown when available, while other runes are only shown when having vision on them.

Rune Icon
Arcane Arcane Rune minimap icon
Bounty Bounty Rune minimap icon
Double Damage Double Damage Rune minimap icon
Haste Haste Rune minimap icon
Illusion Illusion Rune minimap icon
Invisibility Invisibility Rune minimap icon
Regeneration Regeneration Rune minimap icon
Shield Shield Rune minimap icon
Water Water Rune minimap icon

Neutral creep camps[]

The camp icons are colored yellow in-game. Roshan's icon is colored like Roshan.

Element Icon
Small camps Neutral camp small minimap icon
Medium camps Neutral camp medium minimap icon
Large camps Neutral camp large minimap icon
Ancient camps Neutral camp ancient minimap icon
Roshan Roshan minimap icon


Element Icon
Ancient Ancient minimap icon
Attack Building Attack minimap icon
Defend Building Defend minimap icon
Eyes In The Forest icon Eyes In The Forest Eyes in the Forest minimap icon
Fiend's Gate icon Fiend's Gate Fiend's Gate minimap icon
Mango Tree icon Mango Tree Mango Tree minimap icon


Event Element Icon
Frostivus 2012 Greevil Hero Greevil Hero minimap icon
Thyg the Giftsnatch Thyg the Giftsnatch Greevil minimap icon
Diretide Pumpkin Bucket Diretide Pumpkin minimap icon
New Bloom Festival Year Beast Year Beast Radiant minimap iconYear Beast Dire minimap icon
Wrath of the Mo'rokai Mo'rokai Mo'rokai minimap icon
Aghanim's Labyrinth Miniboss Aghanim's Labyrinth Miniboss minimap icon
Aghanim Aghanim minimap icon


Main Article: Scan

Players can use the Scan ability on the right of the minimap UI to detect any enemy heroes in an area.

Minimap Scan

The Scan button is located on the right of the minimap


Main Article: Controls
  • Keyboard White Mouse Right Right Click anywhere on the minimap will command the hero to move to that location. However, there is a delay of 0.2 seconds, where clicks will not be registered. This is to prevent miss-clicks.
  • Keyboard White Mouse Left Left Click on the minimap while using Town Portal Scroll icon Town Portal Scroll or Boots of Travel icon Boots of Travel will teleport the hero to the specified location's nearest allied building.


Sending a Ping notification to your team mates.

  • Alt+Keyboard White Mouse Left Left Click
    • On the minimap will alert your team about a location by ▶️ playing a sound and showing an Ping exclamation mark on their minimap.
    • On buildings will play a different sound depending on the building's alliance, and generally mean a ▶️ defense or ▶️ attack of the building is desired.
    • On enemy heroes will play the same sound as on enemy buildings, typically to announce the desire to attack.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Keyboard White Mouse Left Left Click on the minimap will alert your team by ▶️ playing a different sound and showing an Ping (Danger) on their minimap, generally indicating danger.


Ctrl+Keyboard White Mouse Left Left Click+⤓ Hold while moving your cursor over the minimap will draw lines on the minimap. These lines can be seen by all allied players, and their color corresponds to the color of the player. Lines will fade after a few seconds.

Console Commands[]

There are several console commands that can be used to modify the minimap in various ways to match an individual player's preferences. Some of the commonly used ones are shown below.

Command Default Help Text
dota_hud_extra_large_minimap 0 0 Use extra large minimap.
dota_minimap_hero_size 600 Changes the hero minimap icon size.
dota_minimap_misclick_time 0.2 Minimum time after the mouse enters the minimap before accepting a move command. Can be increased slightly to prevent accidental misclicks.
dota_minimap_ping_duration 3 Adjust how long pings are displayed on the minimap.
dota_minimap_disable_rightclick 0 Disables right clicks on the minimap.
dota_minimap_creep_scale 1 Increase the size of creeps/neutrals/roshan icons on the minimap.












Aghanim's Labyrinth[]

Main Article: Aghanim's Labyrinth

Artifact Card Game Artifact Hero Icons[]

This section serves as an archive for hero icons that appears in Artifact Card Game Artifact Card Game.

Artifact Card Game Hero Icons

Debbi the Cunning Farvhan the Dreamer Imperia J'Muy the Wise Kanna Keefe the Bold Lady Anshu Mazzie Pierpont Prellex Rix Rix, Oathbound Sorla Khan Underlord Artifact Vanessa

Patch History[]

  • Updated to match 7.33 map changes.
  • Updated to match 7.29 map changes.
  • Updated to match 7.23 map changes.
  • Updated to match 7.20 map changes.
  • Fixed a bug with minimap rendering on some systems.
  • Reduced minimap large version size has been from 296px x 296px to 280px x 280px.
  • Reduced minimap size from 260px x 260px to 244px x 244px.
  • Updated to match 7.00 map changes.
  • Changed X's to arrows.
  • Keyboard White Mouse Left Left Click inputs on the minimap no longer ignores input for the first 0.2 seconds.
  • Updated to match 6.82 map changes.