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Illus. Lius Lasahido
So there I was: drinking with my friends, well actually I was drinking alone but I was thinking about my friends so it's basically the same thing. Anyway. Sniper walks into my workshop and is like 'Mazzie, you're wasting your life' and I'm like 'Geeze Sniper, if I wanted to feel bad about myself I'd ask my parents why they never visit me on my birthday' but Sniper's not interested in hearing about parental abandonment, he's interested in uniting the Keenfolk clans. So I say I'll help: on the condition that I get to give our group a cool name. Sniper rolled his eyes and sighed, which is basically the same thing as a yes, and THAT'S how the Society of Likeminded Keenfolk was born.
Mazzie, Founding Member of the Society of Likeminded Keenfolk

Associated with
Heroes Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Clockwerk minimap icon.png Clockwerk
Races Keen

Mazzie is a Keen. Mireska knows Mazzie, and Rattletrap might as well.[1]

Artifact Card Game Artifact[]

Character References


  • Mazzie may be based on a concept by Drew Wolf, a former Valve design artist.



  1. Dark Willow response: ▶️ You're not friends with Mazzie, are you? I hate that little runt.