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Patch Notes

  • Added the Dota 2 Store!


Ogre Magi minimap icon Ogre Magi

  • Enabled Ogre Magi in Captain's Mode.
  • Fixed Bloodlust autocast interrupting your TP scroll.
  • Fixed Multicast Fireblast not extending the stun duration.
  • Fixed Bloodlust being castable on magic immune units.
  • Fixed Bloodlust Multicast being used up by couriers.
  • Fixed Fireblast Mutlicast stopping if you die while it is multicast.
  • Added unique effect for unrefined fireblast

Outworld Devourer minimap icon Outworld Devourer

  • Fixed Arcane Orb not working on Illusions recently.


  • Fixed losses and abandons not showing correctly on your own profile.
  • Kill Cam panel now shows any custom items the killer was wearing.


  • Empowering Haste visual no longer shows up on creeps
  • Added new effect for unrefined fireblast.


  • Fixed bug where bots would run out of their base immediately after teleporting to it.
  • Fixed bug that could cause bots to prioritize a temporarily invalid unit (nightmared, reincarnating, etc) over one that is currently valid.
  • Fixed case where bots would prioritize other desires over picking up Aegis/Cheese/Rapier.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that could cause bots to get stuck near Roshan.
  • Easier and Easy bots will now have ability usage lockouts where they're periodically unable to use items and abilities.
  • Fixed bug where passive bots would get stuck trying to ward.
  • Fixed bug where Dire-side lobby slots would be inaccessible when there were bots in the corresponding Radiant-side lobby slot.


  • Adjusts Ogre Magi minimap icon Ogre Magi's textures.
    • Updated Ogre Magi minimap icon Ogre Magi's minimap icon due the textures adjusts.
  • Sithil and Quirt are now the side lines Shopkeepers.