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Patch Notes

  • 3 New Heroes! Nevermore, Enchantress. and Leshrac.
  • Added Tutorial Mode.
  • Added Bug Reporter: You can type "bug" in the console for a more detailed form or you can just type “bug: [insert bug text here]” in the in-game chat to enter a new bug on the fly.
  • Added support for partially and fully sharable items.
  • Fixed Chronosphere moving buildings
  • Fixed the missing lobby/no team bug when starting a matchmaking game (hi ttocs!)
  • Fixed vision duration on Wave of Terror
  • Fixed Lifesteal from leeching off of wards (like rhasta's wards)
  • Fixed Frostbite not revealing invisible units
  • Fixed Necronomicon's Last Will working on Towers
  • Fixed Poison Touch's projectile speed
  • Fixed Poison Touch's targeting rules
  • Fixed Blade Mail working on towers and wards
  • Fixed multiple server crashes.
  • Fixed Life Drain values always being that of Scepter upgrade
  • Fixed Life Drain tick interval
  • Fixed DOTA TV clients connecting and not having any client side tree info. This also means that trees being destroyed/spawned will now properly work.
  • New Vengeful Spirit color pass.
  • Fixed Bloodstone not granting vision at the location of death.
  • Removed experimental Hero Glows.
  • Fix to tracking attack projectiles hitting you even after you've dodged them.
  • Fixed drop/equip rules for Rapier.
  • Fixed intro mode and other cvars persisting across games if the server was reused.
  • Made a couple events avaliable to spectators, like rune pickups and bottling.
  • Fixed bug that would cause illusions to not fully level up their abilities.
  • Impact sounds won't be played if the target is dormant. Fixes hearing enemy heroes fighting neutrals.
  • Fixed Vladmir's increasing damage by 15 instead of 15%
  • Courier can now refill the bottle
  • Fixed attacking Wards damage being blocked by Vanguard/Kraken/etc
  • Fixed Counter Helix proccing off of things it can't hurt
  • Fixed Frostbite damage interval
  • Bottle now always captures the rune when it picks it up, rather than only when it is empty
  • Fixed a bug with OnIntervalThink not working properly if the think interval time is increased after creation
  • Fixed Heart regeneration working on illusions
  • Fixed various bugs with Poison Touch
  • Fixed Static Remnant not giving vision
  • Fixed Poison Sting vs mechanical units
  • Fixed sound source for Poison Touch
  • Fixed Poison Sting from illusions
  • Fixed multiple urn of shadows getting charges
  • Fixed bugs with how magic resistance from base and items were calculated on illusions
  • Fixed ranged and melee manta incoming/outgoing values being reversed
  • Fixed spells doing their amplified damage twice to illusions
  • Added projectile vision to Windrunner's Powershot and Lich's Chain Frost.
  • Illusions now copy the state of the morphed hero (DK ult)
  • Added a number of new console-based cheat commands:
    • item X - creates item X in your hero's inventory
    • levelbots X - increases the level of all created heroes by X
    • givebots X - gives item X to all created heroes
    • wtf - turns off all cooldowns and mana costs
    • unwtf" console cheat command to re-enable cooldowns and mana costs.
    • timescale - speeds up or slows down time
    • spawnneutrals - forces a spawn of all neutral creeps
    • spawncreeps - forces a spawn of all lane creeps
    • disablecreepspawn - turns off normal creep spawning
    • enablecreepspawn - turns on normal creep spawning
    • killcreeps X - kill all, radiant, dire or neutral creeps (X is all, radiant, dire, or neutral)
    • allvision - all units give vision
    • normalvision - turns off allvision