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Patch Notes

  • Slightly modified certain colours in pages
  • Increased maximum polygons for Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade's cosmetics slots
  • Updated quite a few audio files to accomodate Outworld Devourer's renaming to Outworld Destroyer.
  • Added Team Empire's logo
  • Updated SG e-sports' logo
  • Updated D2 Hustlers' logo
  • Fixed some typos in the team chatwheel lines:
    • Natus Vincere: "Стань Никс!" -> "Встань мид!"
    • OG: "WinLose together...", "WinLose together, losewin together, slay together, slay together, slay together."
    • PSG.LGD: "それわはどうかな"
  • Some localizations.