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Patch Notes

  • Enabled Pugna and Beastmaster (in-progress models).
  • Added new in-progress models for Lina, Drow, Windrunner.
  • Implemented neutral Satyr Trickster's Purge ability.
  • Implemented neutral Satyr Soulstealer's Mana Burn ability.
  • Implemented neutral Satyr Hellcaller's Shockwave ability.
  • Implemented neutral Satyr Hellcaller's Unholy Aura ability.
  • Implemented neutral Forest Troll High Priest's Heal ability.
  • Implemented neutral Harpy Storm's Chain Lightning ability.
  • Implemented ancient neutral Black Dragon's Splash Attack ability.
  • Fixed Zuus's Arc Lightning so that it no longer bounces to invisible units or units in the fog of war.
  • Diffusal Blade's Purge now removes buffs/debuffs from any target, not just heroes.
  • Cleaned up the visual transition between day/night.
  • Fixed neutral creeps always spawning if the old creeps were magic-immune.
  • Axe's counter helix will now hit magic immune targets.
  • Fixed bloodseeker adding 80 damage when blood raging instead of 80% of the base.
  • Dark Seer's vacuum now destroy trees around the targeted area.
  • Fixed Mjollnir HAMMER OF THE GODS! not really proccing.
  • Fixed Earthshaker's Ultimate Scepter implementation doing double damage to all units hit by it instead of spawning 2 echo waves per hero.
  • Fixed Feedback (mana burn) not working on illusions.
  • Furion's tree now obstruct vision for the enemy team.
  • Fixed Pudge's health not updating when upgrading Flesh Heap.
  • Made CTRL a modifier key to test sending an order to all controllable units. So you don't have to select all your eidolons plus enigma now, just hold down control when you give an order and everyone that can follow it will.
  • Cleaned up how illusions were created.
  • Ultimate ability state is now shown as a pip in the hero bar.
  • Fixed Malefice ticking one extra time always.
  • Fixed Eidolons multiplying by attacking buildings.
  • Fixed Ravage getting blocked by Linken Sphere.
  • Fixed Corrosive Skin vs mechanical units.
  • Fixed Chain Frost stopping immediately once it finds a magic immune unit.
  • Fix to one case of bots getting stuck idling in place.