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Patch Notes

  • New scoreboard hooked up.
  • You now automatically switch to groups of unselected, controlled units via Tab.
  • Fixed Rattletrap's Rocket Flare to be visible on the minimap again.
  • Switched sange and yasha from their orb effect maim to trigger off of an OnAttackLanded event instead.
  • Manta move speed doesn't stack with yasha or sange and yasha.
  • Fixed Reaper's Scythe on magic immune units.
  • Fixed Fatal Bonds not always adding the primary target.
  • Fixed a number of abilities having incorrect interaction with Sphere: Slithereen Crush, Jinada, Wind Walk, Echo Slam, Moon Glaives, Death Pulse, Purification, Scream of Pain, Fatal Bonds.
  • Added grow factor to BKB.
  • Implemented neutral Ogre Magi's Frost Armor ability.
  • Implemented neutral Dark Troll Warlord's Ensnare ability.
  • Implemented neutral Giant Wolf's Critical Strike ability and neutral Alpha Wolf's Critical Strike ability.
  • Implemented neutral Alpha Wolf's Command Aura ability.
  • Implemented neutral Enraged Wildkin's Tornado ability.
  • Fixed Centaur Khan's War Stomp and Polar Furbolg Ursa Warrior's Thunder Clap so they aren't absorbed by Sphere.
  • Fixed Vampiric Aura on illusions.
  • Fixed Electric Vortex sometimes not pulling a unit if it is running away while casting.
  • Added new summoned melee unit: neutral Dark Troll Warlord's Skeleton Warrior.
  • Added Defend Ally ability usage to Bane, Crystal Maiden, Sven, Tidehunter, Tiny, Vengeful Spirit, and Windrunner bots.
  • Added a bunch of missing summoned unit names.
  • Tidehunter's Ravage is now consumed by Sphere.