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Patch Notes

Update 1 and 2

  • The Storm Spirit taunt has been compensated to people who have bought the Level 75 Battle Pass until now because it was wrongly mentioned as a reward on the store page.
  • The Store Page has now been updated to show Techies taunt on the Level 75 BP instead of the Storm Spirit.
  • Fixed some issues with the support line quests not working correctly.
  • The "OUR AURA BE OUR ALLY" challenge has been fixed so the target is now hero units.
  • The max number of purchasable battle point packs in a single purchase has been lowered from 200 to 80.
  • Chat label "ALL" has been added to the seasonal voice chat wheel options that are meant for All Chat for eg: It's a disastahh.
  • The International 2017 Fantasy League has been update with all values to match the new event.
  • The header of the wagering tab now reads "Battle Point Tributes".
  • A small bug with the new Monkey King Immortal has been fixed.
  • All untagged The International 2017 items have now been tagged with the correct event ID.
  • River Vials being commodities has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where activating a Level 75 Battle Pass if you already own a Battle Pass would not given the correct number of levels.
  • The International 2017 Chat Wheel voice emotes has been categorized on the list where you select them.
  • The Battle Pass towers tab when you boot in to a game now shows the level of the BP when you hover over the icon.
  • Removed Winter 2017 Item Recycle entries from the schema.
  • The Winter 2017 Battle Cup Ticket has now been tagged with the Winter 2017 Event ID.
  • Added portrait for the newly added Broodmother spiderling.
  • The Winter 2017 BP icon has been added to your profile page. You can access the older BP from here.
  • The default time of the panels has been changed to 6 seconds.
  • Some more visual tweaks to refine the newly added broadcaster tool features.
  • A bunch of minor visual and functionality tweaks to the newly added features of The International 2017 Battle Pass.
  • The text of "GG" and "GGWP" chat wheel options have been updated to "(ALL) GG" and "(ALL) GGWP".
  • Removed a loadout slot called 'Voice' for Juggernaut that was accidentally showing up.
  • Fixed Juggernaut saying his arcana lines even when the item is not equipped.
  • Fixed other voice over issues with Jugg's lines that went live with yesterday's patch.

Update 3

  • Added a new notification where users who have their Steam Overlay disabled are notified of the same when trying to by the Battle Pass which needs the usage of the overlay.
  • Fixed an issue with Storm Spirit that makes him talking all game.
  • Fixed voice over issues with KotL and Abaddon too.

Update 4

  • The textures have been updated on the Dark Reef map so the paused and dead screens are tinted correctly.
  • The International 2017 Aura has been renamed to Sunken Relic.
  • Updated item description for Sunken Relic.
  • The creation date of all the TI related items on the backend has been updated to May 4, 2017.
  • 25% of the Battle Cup Tickets now also contribute to The International 2017 Prize Pool.
  • Minor updates to the loadout spawning animation of Clockwerk and The International 2017 Ward.
  • Particle updates to The International 2017 Bristleback cosmetic and related spell effect.
  • A ton of response rule updates for many heroes related to their lines played during their loadout spawn.

Update 5

  • Small visual updates to the Talent notification panel so the text is aligned properly.
  • Missing tooltip for the Bracer Recipe on the trivia has been added.