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Patch Notes


  • Added Phantom Lancer minimap icon Phantom Lancer!
  • Fixed being able to use ping to identify illusions.
  • Fixed bug where we wouldn't always upgrade couriers in order of creation.
  • Fixed potential dispel threshold being calculated after damage reduction rather than before (fixes stuff like Bloodrage not dispelling potions).
  • Fixed being able to blink if you became rooted after you started casting.
  • Fixed unit conversion spells (Enchant, Persuasion, etc) not removing existing debuffs properly.
  • Fixed Searing Arrows not stacking with Eye of Skadi.
  • Fixed Satyr firing Shockwave onto smoked/invisible heroes.
  • When the courier returns items to the stash, items owned by the other team are now dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed Spirit Bear teleporting far away from you with Return (causing it to get stuck in trees sometimes).
  • Attacking units now follow their target and then resume attack orders after getting disarmed.
  • Updated attack animation for Spectre, with more impact on hit frame.


  • Tranquil Boots regen is now displayed on the HP bar.
  • Clicking "No Courier" opens the shop with the courier item selected.
  • As spectator, clicking courier button now queries the courier for the current query unit's team.
  • Fixed creepstats drawing for all units when spectating.
  • Fixed missing shared cooldown on the first use of an item.
  • Extended the health bar above the stats area.
  • Centered respawn label when showing death panel but not the buyback button.
  • Fixed a case where the cooldown swipe on buffs was not initialized and rotated backwards continuously.
  • Fixed top bar timer not initializing
  • Selling back a limited stock item within the sellback time restocks the shop.
  • Broadcasters can now draw lines in the world.


  • Bots now use their defense mode desire to determine when to use Glyph, rather than having an independent calculation for it.
  • Bots will no longer use items or abilities when they are individually disabled.
  • Bots now switch out of "early game" when either team becomes powerful, rather than just when the opposing team does. This prevents situations where one team is roaming and pushing and the other team is still trying to lane.
  • Reworked the texture on Brewmaster minimap icon Brewmaster and his spirits.
  • Updated Brewmaster minimap icon Brewmaster's hero icon to match his new texture.