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Marrowfell Hunters
Associated with
Heroes Centaur Warrunner minimap icon.png Centaur Warrunner
Beastmaster minimap icon.png Beastmaster
Lina minimap icon.png Lina
Lycan minimap icon.png Lycan
Races Centaurs
Factions Bronze Legion
Red Mist
Places Roseleaf
Kalabor Desert
Characters Mavor
Species Thunderhides
Events Vhoul Rebellion

The Marrowfell Hunters are a tribe or clan of centaur poachers.


Every year, a select few poachers are chosen among the clan to go on "The Great Hunt" in Roseleaf to anticipate the annual migration of the Thunderhide herds and hunt down any other prey in Roseleaf Forest that they deem worthy. The goal of this safari is to test the skill and endurance of the tribe's finest trackers against their quarry. But the greatest prize of this hunt is the horn of the Thunderhide Alpha, which bestows pride on anyone who survives fighting it.[1] As of the Artifact continuity, Bradwarden is the leader of the current hunting party in Roseleaf.[2]

Young centaurs are initiated into the Marrowfell Hunters by a coming-of-age ritual, where they are given a skinning knife that is unique to its owner.[3]



Pangolier minimap icon.png Pangolier is familiar with and impressed with their ferocious fighting techniques.[4]

From a fellow hunter of beasts to another, Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa respects the Marrowfell Hunters' sacred safari in Roseleaf.[5]


Among the wildlife of Roseleaf, the Marrowfell Hunters only hunt its most dangerous creatures. They hunt a variety of game that includes Thunderhides, Hellbears,[6] Ogres,[7][8] and Wildwings. But their list is flexible and it can even include any worthy prey that steps foot on Roseleaf, as written below.

Certain circumstances have caused their annual Great Hunt to coincide with the three-way war between the Vhoul, the Bronze Legion, and the Red Mist Horde. This influx of warriors that have coalesced in their hunting grounds have caused the poachers to regard them as prey with no political or personal agenda against them under than that of the hunt. They're seen hunting the Bronze Legion's Ogre troops[8] and Oglodi troops who may trespass their hunting grounds.[2] The Marrowfell Hunters have disregarded the weak and frail natives of Roseleaf in favor of its dangerous game. When Rix instigated the Vhoul Rebellion, he converted the once peaceful Vhoul population into a rebel army. Mavor, a centaur hunter of the Marrowfell tribe, saw this rebellion as an audacious act that fancied them as warriors. He now thinks that its about time to add the Vhoul into the menu...[9]

They are also observed attacking Heroes who they chance upon in Roseleaf, such as Lina minimap icon.png Lina[10] and Lycan minimap icon.png Lycan.[11]

Besides Roseleaf Forest, they are seen on hunting expeditions in the Kalabor Desert, hunting down the Thunderhides located there. They are hostile to the people of Kalabor.[12][13]


As a steward of the beasts, Beastmaster minimap icon.png Beastmaster rejects the presence of the Marrowfell Hunters and is ill-disposed towards them.[14]

Artifact Card Game Artifact[]

  • Unknown icon.png Marrowfell Brawler
    Artifact Card Game Creep Card
    Marrowfell Brawler Artifact.png
    Illus. Vance Kovacs
    Every year my clan comes to Roseleaf for the thunderhide migration... and while the denizens of Roseleaf were a minor nuisance we never bothered to hunt them... they were too frail to make a worthy trophy. But now things have changed. This 'Rix' has stirred their blood and now they fancy themselves warriors... perhaps it's time to start a new hunt.
    Mavor, Marrowfell Brawler

Character References


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