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Patch Notes

  • Completely overhauled the Dota 2 website.
  • Added several new tools to improve the new player experience.
  • Added Streamlined Shops
    • A new item shop interface that can be toggled with a button at the top right corner of the shop window.
    • The streamlined shop limits the item choice and complexity based on the player's hero.
    • The shop displays a list of items based on the hero's default suggested items, working like a step-by-step guide. It starts with the starting items, and only shows following items once the listed items are bought.
    • This eliminates possible information overload from the item shop and allows the new player to focus on exactly what the hero normally needs.
    • Updated all heroes' default item guides.
  • Added New Player Objectives
  • Added Glossary
    • A new tab under the Learn tab in the dashboard.
    • The gloassary contains a lot of information about the game, breaking its different aspects down into 7 parts:
      • The basics: Contains brief generic summaries of heroes, items, and lanes, lannecreeps and towers.
      • Mechanics: Contains informations about unit levels, gold and bounties, experience, last-hitting and denying, damage (basic attacks, abilities, armor, magic resistance, damage types), death, unit stats (health, mana, attributes, mobility, attack, defense), abilities (active, passive, cooldowns, channeling, auras), and status effects (stun, root, silence, mute, break, disarm, fear)
      • Units: Contains stats (health, health regen, mana, mana regen, gold bounty, experience bounty, base attack time, attack damage, attack range, movement speed, armor, magic resistance) and abilities of all buildings, lane creeps, and neutral creeps.
      • Items: Contains more detailed summaries of shop items (along with a list of items), neutral items (along with a list of neutral items), the inventory (main inventory, neutral item slot, Town Portal Scroll slot, backpack slots, stash), recipe and assembly, and the Courier.
      • The Battlefield: Contains information about the minimap, lanes, shops, buildings, vision (fog of war, invisibility, true sight, wards), runes, and Roshan.
      • Teamwork: Contains information about communication (chat wheel and pings), Terminology, lane equilibrium, teamfights, objectives, and hero/item choices.
      • Advanced: Dives deeper into mechanics, like common attack modifiers (critical strikes, bashes, true strike, lifesteal, mana break), status effects (spell immunity, ethereal, invisibility, phased), auras, ability targeting (untargeted, unit targeted, point targeted, area of effect), unit orders (move attack, attack-move, stop, hold, patrol, order-queuing), unit aggression (acquisition range, attack priority, creep/tower/neutrals aggro behaviors), and combat classes (attack damage types, armor types).
  • Added new game mode: New Player Mode
    • This mode serves as a learning ground for new players.
    • Features a small and stable hero pool suitable for new players, allowing them to learn the game without having to face new heroes every match.
    • For more flexibility, players may leave these matches without any penatlies. A player who leaves gets replaced by a bot who continues playing at their place.
    • If new players solo-queue for this mode, they get only matched with other new players who queue solo. They cannot meet any stacks or veteran players.
    • Has a max queue time. Once the max time is reached, empty slots are filled with bots.
    • If new players queue for this mode with a stack, they get instantly placed in a match with bots.
    • Bots are generally more forgiving in this game mode.
    • Uses Turbo Mode modifications.
  • Updated bots
    • Bots now know how to use Outposts, neutral items, and all the new abilities.
    • Improved laning, farming, rune pickup, ability use and item use behaviors.
    • Rebalanced the bots' general game strategy.
    • Added new bot difficulty level: NewPlayer (used by default in New Player Mode).
  • Added In-Game Wizard Tips
    • Whenever the game detects a new player doing something that may not be wise, a small window appears on the side of the screen, giving some advice (e.g. running around at low health for a long while, crossing the river to the enemy side without vision, entering Roshan's pit alone, strolling under the enemy's tower).
  • Added New Player Chat
    • A new chat channel that unlocks once the tier 1 Objectives have been cleared.
    • The channel has admins of trusted community leaders from around the world who help choosing chat moderators.
    • Chat access will be extended to experienced players with high behavior score to help answer questions of the newcomers and encourage their progress.
    • Moderators make sure the experienced players stay well behaved. Bans in this channel are permanent and final.
  • Added Flexible Coaching
    • Players may now request a coach while already in-game.
    • Experienced qualified players can view a list of coach request and directly join that game as a coach.
    • The coach may only interact with the requesting player, able to fully communicate (text and voice chat, ping, and draw) with the requesting player.
    • The coach request list can be filtered by heroes, allowing coaches experienced with specific heroes to coach players that seek help to learn that same hero.
  • Added tips everywhere
    • Each hero now has an overview, breaking down their core aspects. These informations can be viewed by checking the bottom-left of each hero's loadout page. They also appear at the bottom of the hero info pane during the picking phase.
    • Added Dashboard assistance, showing tips on how to navigate and use the countless parts of the dashboad and all its tabs.
    • New players now gain 2 month of Dota Plus access for free.
  • Smurfing is now official considered a bannable offense.
    • Heavily sharpened smurfing detection.
    • Added a new post-game report option to flag playrs as smurfs.
  • Returning players that did not play for a long period of time now get placed in a re-calibration mode thhat takes into account for how long they have not played, placing them in games where they can catch up on everything that has changed since their break.

Other changes

Update 2

  • Fixed Regeneration Rune minimap icon.png Regeneration Rune missing in the glossary.
  • Fixed some issues with coach voice and text chat.
  • Fixed some coach related message being hardcoded, instead of being in the localization files.
  • Fixed an issue with the new tips popup.
  • Reduced tips popup duration from 7 to 5 seconds.

Update 3

  • Disabled announcers and weather effects in the learn scenarios.
  • Renamed the "Lockdown" learn scenario to "Stuns and Disables"

Update 4

  • Updated localization files.