March 25, 2016 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Added the ability to use Alt + key for self casting. This allows self casting to be possible using Quickcast. Can be toggled off in the options.
  • Enabled the advanced configuration of Quickcast and Auto-Cast alternative keys for abilities
  • Wagering bonuses now increased to 2000 until the end of the Battle Pass
  • Fixed bug where when you bound a key to an action for the first time, it wouldn't work, but it would work on reload
  • Fixed dramatically increased network usage in the recent update
  • Fixed some bugs with illusion control groups
  • Fixed Maim working on buildings
  • Fixed being able to see enemy item cooldowns in the item tooltips
  • Fixed an old bug that caused Requiem of Souls to sometimes release less damage/waves on death than intended
  • Fixed Blur visual effect
  • Fixed a visual bug in the options panel when toggling individual quickcast binds for items
  • Fixed being unable to explicitly bind a key to chat
  • Minor bugfix in layout for quickcast
  • Fixed a bug where if you bound alt + key and then key to a hero-specific keybind, the alt+key would become unbound
  • Change collection view spacing to be in columns of 6 rather than 8 to more closely matches the steam inventory
  • Fixed various bugs with quickcast on key up sometimes not working with items
  • Fixed a crash when using the cancelselect console command
  • Fixed vconsole2 being unavailable
  • Custom Game Tools: Added particle manager to client-side Lua
  • Custom Game Tools: Added a Panorama UI binding for GameUI.SetCameraTarget
  • Fixed a regression where Repel and Guardian Angel could not be dispelled by Diffusal Blade
  • Fixed a regression where items on Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo couldn't be activated anymore after they got switched from one slot to another