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Patch Notes

  • Added support for one Keyboard White Mouse Left.png Left Click to mute voice, mute text, and report a player.
    • You can also additionally mute text and voice independently.
  • Updated and readjusted Hero Demo map terrains.
    • Added more flat area at the northern section.
    • Added various controls to spawn Allied Heroes as well as Enemies.
    • Added function to reset a hero back to level 1.
    • Added function to remove hero.
    • Creating a new hero will add it to your current selection now,
    • Added various buttons for leveling, adding Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter and Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard, toggling invulnerability.
    • Toggling creeps off will kill all existing lane creeps.
    • Added support to spawn runes.
  • Updated item shop search with improved support for keywords.
    • Added display that highlights searched for attributes and stats (i.e. armor, Strength attribute symbol.png / Agility attribute symbol.png / Intelligence attribute symbol.png all attributes, range and etc.).
    • Alt now expand item bonuses into their respective attributes and stats. (i.e. Mana per Intelligence attribute symbol.png intelligence etc.).
  • Damage dealt by abilities are now color-coded according to the 3 damage types (Pure, Magical, Physical).
  • Added pluralization rules support for multiple languages.
  • Added support for various permanent buffs on post-match screen (i.e. Duel damage, Reaper's Scythe regen etc.).
  • Added support for sorting for the post-game scoreboard for easier analysis.
  • Items can be sold for full price for the first 30 seconds after the game begins instead of the normal 10-second sellback period.
  • Updated and fixed Consume Hotkey to Infest.
    • Uses the same hotkey regardless of infested unit type.
  • Ogre Smash!
    • Added cast time sound effects.
    • Added stun sound effects.
  • All neutral creep auras now show their radius on hover.
  • Fixed a number of cases where the popup heal numbers did not take heal amplification into effect.
  • Players with the Fountain Invulnerability buff will no longer auto-attack and break the buff when an enemy is within range.
  • Spell range indicator for Blink-based abilities now take into consideration of cast range bonuses.
  • Updated Lua error in Module:Ability_ID at line 61: Could not find Cargo data for "Soul Eater". ability tooltip.
    • Desolator gains attack damage whenever an enemy dies while afflicted by the Corruption debuff.
  • Fixed a bug in ARDM where Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon.png Courier returning an item to the stash while dead would lead to the item disappearing.
  • Neutral items no longer can be combine-locked.
    • Fixed bug where the Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon.png Courier would not deliver combine-locked neutral items.
  • Fixed a bug where illusions with duplicated modifiers would have incorrect durations, allowing the real hero to be identified.
  • Turbo
    • Fixed a bug in Turbo and the New Player Mode where some gold sources were not being correctly scaled.
    • Fixed a bug where the Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon.png Courier would no longer work if they were disconnected during hero selection or strategy time.
  • Talent Talents
    • Fixed a bug where some in-game tooltips that are modified by talents were displaying as 0 instead of the correct value.
  • Fixed ability interactions between Cyclone and spell immune clones, now correctly applying its affect to the clone rather than simply going on cooldown.
  • Fixed Talent Rip Tide incorrectly reducing hits required by 2 instead of 1.
  • Ability Draft Notes Fixed Rip Tide from incorrectly playing its ability effects on Naga Siren minimap icon.png Naga Siren instead of the drafting hero.
  • Hand of God now correctly applies the heal over time to all player-controlled units of Chen minimap icon.png Chen, not just the initial heal.
  • Duel bonus attack damage is now awarded even if the winner is invulnerable.
  • Fixed ability interaction between Morph and Spirit Link, no longer permanently keeping the ability's passive when morphing into Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid.
  • Fixed Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard. Cursed Crown ability particle effects having the wrong timings.
  • Alt now correctly shows Astral Step spell amplification values.
  • Fixed Talent Hex ability tooltip adding 1 second to its duration when the talent is learned.
  • In Ability Draft, fixed Wukong's Command soldiers not having the correct abilities.

Spell Steal

  • Fixed Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Spirits, ability is now working as intended.
  • Fixed granting Bushwhack from acquiring Decoy.
    • Decoy still applies Bushwhack when cast.

UI Related

  • Vector targeting for quick cast on key down has changed so that the vector begins drawing on key down and finishes on key up. This is the same as the behavior for quick cast on key up.
  • The combat event for killing an observer ward now shows who received the bounty if it differs from the killer.
  • Spectator HUD now correctly shows the player you're viewing.
  • The tooltips for Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter and Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard now show their effects on the post-game scoreboard.
  • Backpack and neutral items now show in the post-game hero details.
  • Spell Lifesteal values for Heroes and Creeps are now shown separately while holding ALT.
  • Rally is now tracked by a counter buff instead of multiple individual buff icons.
  • Fixed swapping neutral items and teleporting one fast enough in succession that the wrong one is teleported.
  • Arcana UIs in the HUD no longer show up in League matches as a spectator.
  • Added support for ↵ Enter to accept a ready check.
  • Alt now show the full item they combine into in the quick buy menu.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Keyboard White Mouse Left.png Left Click on the following items will tell your team that they're ready, rather than to gather:
  • Increased number of Sentry Ward icon.png Sentry Ward ownership displayed during Strategy Time from 2 to 3.
    • There are a maximum of 3 that can be purchased at the beginning of the game.
  • After selecting a hero, the Recommended Items section will now show the first section of a guide if the guide has no sections named "Starting Items".
  • Selecting Observer Ward icon.png Observer Ward or Sentry Ward icon.png Sentry Ward now shows allied players, spectators, and allied coaches who planted it.
  • The Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon.png Courier's Home Shop button now also returns any items it has to the stash when it reaches the base.
  • Added support for Hotkey binding the Combat Log in Options.
    • Combat Log is now right-aligned and no longer overlaps with the Hero Demo controls.
    • Combat Log now respects the hud flip (minimap on right) and will move to the left side when this option is on.
  • Fixed guide item/ability comments replacing apostrophes with "'" and other HTML symbols when saved. Guides which have already been saved with this issue will still need to be manually updated.
  • Adjusted the display of heroes on the Versus Screen for 21:9 or wider monitors.
  • Fix a bug where the Charms UI would show overlapping text if you had 2+ Charms.
  • Fixed a bug in the Last Hit Trainer where clicking start before your hero spawned would prevent creeps from spawning.
  • Intro scenes (such as Hero and Arcana/Persona debuts) will no longer be shown for players that haven't gone through the initial New Player Experience flow.


  • Fixed a bug where illusions might not inherit the skins of certain cosmetic models correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the cloth on certain models could incorrectly stretch across the screen.
  • Underlord Immortal "Emerald Subjugation" now has custom ability effects that replaces ultimate
  • Shadow Demon Immortal "Mantle of Grim Facade" Shadow Poison projectile effects are now oriented correctly
  • Wraith King Immortal "Blistering Shade" has higher priority over the Arcana when casting "Wraithfire Blast"
  • Earthshaker Immortal "Bracers of the Cavern Luminar" ambient effects fixed
  • Warlock Immortal "Umbral Glyph" fixed broken ability effects on Shadow Word (buff and debuff)
  • Viper Immortal "Malefic Drake's Strike" fixed broken aoe particles for Nethertoxin
  • Abaddon "Blade of the Demonic Vessel" Aphotic Shield effects restored
  • Tidehunter "Horror From the Deep Belt" removed incorrect particles from belt slot that were supposed to be on arm
  • Faceless Void "Claszureme Incursion" Weapon ambient effects have been fixed
  • Drow Ranger Arcana "Marskmanship" aura now has custom effects for both styles
  • Rubick "Torch of Fantoccini's Dilemma" restored ambient effects
  • The Techies Arcana injured run animation now plays at the correct speed.
  • Added support for gem colors on Sticky Mine and Reactive Tazer for the Techies Arcana.
  • Added missing econ item icons for Techies sets "Powdersled Rookery", "Sapper's Guile", "Bombtrails and Boomsticks", and "March of the Powderkeg Patrol".
  • Fixed animation for Techie's Spoon in the teleport preview with the Pachyderm Powderwagon set.
  • The Rubick Arcana now has custom effects for Techies Sticky Bomb instead of Remote Mine.
  • Fix Snapfire's disabled animation so that she no longer gets stuck in an incorrect animation sequence.
  • Legion Commander's "Radiant Conqueror" bundle and items are now marketable and tradeable.
  • Added wind effects to Legion commander's "Legacy of the Fallen" and "Radiant Conqueror" banners, with or without the Arcana Weapons equipped.


  • Updated the Panorama UI engine to use atlassing to more efficiently interact with the GPU. In our measurements, this resulted in 25-30% better performance in the GPU work necessary for the HUD, and much more in some particularly complicated dashboard pages. This change also increases CPU performance for Vulkan, and should also be particularly effective for Apple computers with M1 processors.
  • Optimized "Sand Storm" particle effects to improve performance.
  • Updated the Panorama UI engine to avoid some unnecessary render target clears, avoiding GPU work.
  • Fixed a bug where we were sometimes using less threads than intended for doing multithreaded work. This fix is especially helpful for machines with 4 or less cores.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrectly set thread affinities could cause stalls on some machines.
  • Added a warning in the video settings dialog to indicate if the computer is running in power saving mode, which may lead to slow performance.
  • Improved the performance of tooltips while browsing the Item Shop.


  • Replaced Relic for Dazzle - "Four Enemy Juju Debuffs" with "Damage and Healing from Bad Juju"
  • Replaced Relic for Techies - "Remote Mine Kills" with "Sticky Bombs Attached to Heroes".
  • Replaced Relic for Techies - "Stasis Trap Stuns" with "Reactive Tazer Multi Hero Disarms".
  • Replaced Relic for Tinker - "March of the Machines Damage" with "Defense Matrix Damage Absorbed".
  • Replaced Relic for Underlord - "Kills After Dark Rift" with "Allied Kills Using Fiend's Gate".
  • Replaced Relic for Underlord - "Heroes Saved By Dark Rift" with "Atrophy Aura Bonus Damage Dealt".
  • Fixed Relic for Omniknight - "Ally Damage During Heavenly Grace".
  • Fixed Relic for Primal Beast - "Multi Hero Onslaught Kills".
  • Replaced Hero Challenge for Meepo - "Magic Damage dealt to Heroes" with "Pure Damage dealt to Heroes".
  • Replaced Hero Challenge for Naga Siren - "Heroes Healed During Song" with "Deal Mana Burn Damage to Heroes"
  • Replaced Hero Challenge for Tinker - "March of the Machines Damage" with "Damage Absorbed by Defense Matrix"
  • Replaced Hero Challenge for Techies - "Remote Mine Kills" with "Sticky Bombs Attached"
  • Replaced Hero Challenge for Underlord - "Multi Hero Dark Rift Teleports" with "Allied Kills after using Fiend's Gate"
  • Updated Hero Challenge for Grimstroke - "Damage dealt to Enemies affected by Soul Bind" now includes damage from allies.
  • Updated Hero Challenge for Mirana - "Damage Done During Leap" now includes all damage types instead of just Physical.
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Bane - "Blink / Force Staff and Feind's Grip Combos".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Dragon Knight - "Kills During Dragon Form".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Drow Ranger - "Silence 2+ Enemies with Gust".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Crystal Maiden - "Creep Kills with Frostbite".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Dark Seer - "Damage dealt during Surge".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Lifestealer - "Damage dealt during Rage".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Lone Druid - "Damage dealt during True Form".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Mars - "Damage dealt to enemy Heroes".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Mars - "Kill Enemy Units with Cleave".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Omniknight - "Damage dealt during Heavely Grace".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Omniknight - "Heavenly Grace on Allies Duration".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Rubick - "Multi Hero Telekenisis Stuns".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Tinker - "Damage dealt to Heroes with Laser upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter".
  • Fixed Hero Challenge for Tusk - "Punch Kick Combos".
  • Removed Hero Challenge for Venomancer - "Damage dealt to Silver Edge Broken Heroes".
  • Removed Hero Challenge for Tinker - "Creep Kills with March of the Machines".
  • Added Hero Challenge for Underlord - "Damage Dealt to Heroes with Firestorm".

Custom Games

  • The Arcade Overview tab now allows sorting by Currently Active Players in addition to the number of Open Lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue with Dota Arcade custom games sometimes not showing as needing an Update until they were reinstalled, or Steam had been restarted.
  • The Dota Arcade lobby list will no longer show lobbies that don't match the version of the custom game that's currently installed or are otherwise unjoinable.
  • SetFilterMoreGold can now filter the gold received from Bounty Runes.


  • The Dota workshop tools for items and custom games have been upgraded to use the new "ModelDoc" model editor. Workshop contributors should migrate any models from the old tool, which will be removed in a future update.

Other Updates

Update 2

  • Updated Primal Beast minimap icon.png Primal Beast default hero models.
  • Updated Proximity Mines ability effects and particles.
  • Updated Hero Challenge for Techies - "Attach Sticky Bombs to enemy Heroes."
  • Fixed Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard. Epicenter from passively releasing a pulse on each step when a valid enemy is within radius.

Update 3

  • Fixed Spectral Dagger from slowing the caster instead of providing movement speed bonus.

Update 4

  • Updated Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander default hero model.
  • Updated Legacy of the Fallen Legion item model.