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Patch Notes

  • Ranked matches will now show all calibrated player MMRs on the scoreboard at the end of a game that completes normally.
  • Warning prompts in client and system messages from the gameserver concerning leaving a match have been improved to be more clear and specific to the current situation.
  • Added an experimental method to determine when multiple players in a region are experiencing poor network connectivity. When this is detected, players in the affected matches will be notified that the match will not be scored, and it is safe to leave.
  • Added a cooldown to re-enter matchmaking if you fail to load or leave a game while waiting for other players to load.
  • The cooldown time to rejoin matchmaking after failing to ready up, declining, failing to load into the match, or leaving the match while waiting for others players to load will now escalate upon repeated failures.
  • Added Ukrainian language text localization.
  • Replays for games hosted in other regions (including China) are now faster to download.


  • Updated textures for El Gato courier.


  • Added new weapon drop animations for Doom minimap icon Doom.


  • Updated entry for the unreleased Japan server.
  • Temporarily disabled proxies for the Australian Dota TV servers.



  • The dashboard now shows when it is safe to leave a game.
  • Updated match quality icon.

Dota 2 Store

  • Added new league bundles:

Pro Gaming Tours League March contains:

South Ural League Season 3 contains:

Item Drops

  • Added the following items and sets to the drop list:
  • Removed the following items and sets from the drop list:

Unreleased Items

  • Added new league bundles: