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Patch Notes

Update 1 & 2

  • Matchmaking enabled.
  • Enabled new shop.
  • Removed Tiny, Enigma, and Viper from "New heroes" list, so they won't be the only ones chosen with Random Hero.
  • Added moonlight shadow cast effects to Mirana and her teammates.
  • Added the ability to attack and destroy runes and world items.
  • Runes and physical items now highlight invalid with the standard cursor if the controlled unit does not have movement capability.
  • Added in new announcer lines for killing Roshan, Towers and Barracks.
  • Adding in a delay on building attack messages to be less spammy.
  • Only one bloodstone (the first one in your inventory) gets a charge when there is a nearby hero death.
  • Razor's Eye of the Storm is now a two stage process. First it targets units then it targets towers, barracks, and the ancient.
  • New Spectator Panel.
  • Bots will now go for and pick up runes. They can use bottle, and will bottle runes. They will also now use magic stick and magic wand charges.
  • Added a new "stop" order. This order cancels what you were currently doing in the same way as the previous "hold" order, however this order does not prevent you from auto-acquiring enemies to attack. It can be enabled in the menu by going to the "GAME" tab then clicking "Enable Auto Attack".
  • Added more info to tooltips of Drow's Silence, Death Prophet's Silence, and Kunkka's Ghostship.
  • TP Scrolls and Boots show indicators on the minimap to the team.
  • Structures that are under attack glow red when the sound event goes off.


  • Fixed Lich not playing his attack sound.
  • Fixed Heroes not commenting on item purchases unless the item was combined.
  • Fixed Refresher giving 200 bonus damage.
  • Fixed case where you could go invisible while silenced.
  • Fixed Kunkka's Ghost Ship's path to correctly be centered.
  • Fixed Tiny's Avalanche to be a projectile under the hood, so it has a bit of delay now.
  • Fixed Manta (melee/ranged) images doing 133%/128% damage rather than 33%/28%. Also fixed them taking 450%/500% damage rather than 350%/400%.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a number of timers to not tick on subsequent bot games, which fixes bots not working after one bot game.
  • Fixed Paralyzing Casks going to hidden units.
  • Fixed adaptive strike not doing its base damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the announcer would go dormant and refuse to speak his lines.
  • Fixed Avalanche lasting 0.5 seconds too long.
  • Fixed a bug where Viper's corrosive skin debuff wouldn't do any damage to the creeps that it had poisoned.
  • Fixed Freezing Field not slowing attack speed.
  • Fixed physical items being visible through the fog of war.
  • Fixed Viper Strike not slowing Magic Immune.
  • Fixed Torrent not giving vision over the area it hits.
  • Fixed Grow damage being added as bonus damage rather than base damage.
  • Fixed Nethertoxin working on allied units for denies.
  • Fixed Corrosive Skin working on buildings.
  • Fixed Chronosphere not affecting invulnerable towers.
  • Fixed Backstab working on denies.
  • Fixed more bugs with Ether Shock search area.
  • Fixed Magic Missile projectile speed.
  • Fixed Waveform triggering linken sphere for all units it hits.
  • Fixed not being able to attack/cast during Waveform.
  • Fixed distance traveled on Waveform.
  • Fixed Bloodbath healing for twice as much when you kill creeps.
  • Fixed Pudge's hook animation getting stuck on if Pudge gets interrupted before his action phase ends.
  • Fixed general silence sound not playing when gaining the silence state.
  • Fixed Dream Coil stunning invulnerable units (waveform, omnislash, etc).
  • Fixed Mirana's Arrow and Pudge's Hook to not miss nearby targets.