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Heroes Clinkz minimap icon.png Clinkz
Races Demons
Places The Hoven
Bleeding Hills
Seven Hells
Characters Sutherex
Cosmetics Maraxiform's Ire

Maraxiform's Fate Bundle

Maraxiform was a demon who rose from sixth hell to terrorize The Hoven. In response to this, Sutherex, the king-mage of The Hoven, declared a reward eternal life for any hero who could defeat the demon. Unaware of this proclamation, Clinkz strode forth to defend his land from Maraxiform. With his bow, he was able to drive the demon back to the gates of sixth hell. At the verge of death, Maraxiform ignited the tar pools of The Hoven with a gout of hellfire, engulfing Clinkz in flame and burning him alive. At the same time, Sutherex's spell came into effect, granting Clinkz immortality as his body burned.[1]

After his death, Maraxiform's skull was fashioned into a bow by Clinkz as revenge for his painful fate.[2]


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