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Mana Regeneration determines the amount of mana a unit regains each second. It is shown as a small number with a + sign at the right side of the unit's mana bar.

Heroes gain mana regeneration based on their Intelligence attribute symbol intelligence. Each point of intelligence increases the hero's mana regeneration by 0.05MP.

Mana regeneration restores the unit in 0.1 second intervals. This rate cannot be changed by anything. Mana regeneration has no cap.

Mana regeneration is affected by mana restore manipulation. When increased or reduced, the HUD shows the increased/reduced values.

Attribute Bonus Mana Regeneration
Intelligence attribute symbol Intelligence +0.05MP

Base Mana Regeneration[]

Most units with a mana pool have a set base mana regeneration, differing from unit to unit. Most heroes and some non-hero units have no base mana regeneration.


Heroes Mana regen
Ancient Apparition minimap iconAxe minimap iconBane minimap iconBroodmother minimap iconCentaur Warrunner minimap iconChaos Knight minimap iconClinkz minimap iconDark Seer minimap iconDawnbreaker minimap iconDisruptor minimap iconDoom minimap iconDragon Knight minimap iconEarthshaker minimap iconHoodwink minimap iconJakiro minimap iconKeeper of the Light minimap iconLegion Commander minimap iconLeshrac minimap iconLifestealer minimap iconLuna minimap iconLycan minimap iconMarci minimap iconMedusa minimap iconMonkey King minimap iconOutworld Destroyer minimap iconPangolier minimap iconPrimal Beast minimap iconShadow Shaman minimap iconSlardar minimap iconSlark minimap iconSnapfire minimap iconViper minimap iconZeus minimap icon 0
Elder Titan minimap iconMeepo minimap icon 0.25
Dazzle minimap icon 0.3
Bristleback minimap icon 0.4
Crystal Maiden minimap iconEnigma minimap iconMars minimap iconOracle minimap iconPuck minimap iconTimbersaw minimap iconWeaver minimap icon 0.5
Storm Spirit minimap iconVoid Spirit minimap icon 0.6
Lich minimap icon 0.75
Abaddon minimap icon 1.2


Units Mana regen
Mega Ranged Creep, Ranged Creep, Super Ranged Creep 0.75
Alpha Wolf, Ancient Black Dragon, Ancient Black Drake, Ancient Frostbitten Golem, Ancient Ice Shaman, Ancient Rock Golem, Ancient Rumblehide, Ancient Thunderhide, Centaur Conqueror, Centaur Courser, Dark Troll Summoner, Fell Spirit, Ghost, Giant Wolf, Harpy Scout, Hellbear, Hellbear Smasher, Hill Troll, Hill Troll Berserker, Hill Troll Priest, Kobold, Kobold Foreman, Kobold Soldier, Mud Golem, Ogre Bruiser, Ogre Frostmage, Satyr Banisher, Satyr Mindstealer, Satyr Tormenter, Shard Golem, Vhoul Assassin, Warpine Raider, Wildwing, Wildwing Ripper 1
Ancient Granite Golem 1.5
Harpy Stormcrafter 3
Forged Spirit 4


All summons without a mana pool also have no mana regeneration. All other summons have the following mana regen:

Summons Mana regen
Spirit Bear 0.5
Fire, Storm, Void 1.5
Mars Soldier 10
Earth 2

Modifying Mana Regeneration[]

Just like for health, there are many abilities and items which can change how fast a unit regenerates mana. Most of them increase mana regeneration rate by adding a flat bonus, but some also increase it based on certain things, like mana or attributes. They can be passive bonuses which grant a permanent bonus or be conditionally activated, or be short, but grant a strong bonus.


The following abilities affect a unit's mana regeneration:


Mana Regeneration
Talent icon
There is no description for this ability.
Mana Regen Bonus: Varies

  • Grants the hero a flat mana regeneration bonus.
  • Has the following values:
    • 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10/14

The following heroes have a Talent talent that grants them a flat mana regeneration bonus.

Bonus Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25
Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right
Mana Regen
  • Bristleback minimap icon +1.5
  • Storm Spirit minimap icon +1.5
  • Timbersaw minimap icon +1.5
  • Dazzle minimap icon +1.75
  • Ursa minimap icon +1.75
  • Leshrac minimap icon +1.5
  • Void Spirit minimap icon +1.75
  • Techies minimap icon +3


Note that these tables only account for the items' passive traits. They do not include bonuses provided by item abilities (i.e. Ring of Basilius icon Basilius Aura).

Items that provide regeneration bonus by flat rate and Intelligence attribute symbol intelligence:

Flat rate and Intelligence mana regeneration
Item Value Item Cost Cost/Value Point
Bloodthorn icon Bloodthorn 4 6625 Gold 1656.25 Gold
Ethereal Blade icon Ethereal Blade 3.4 5375 Gold 1580.88 Gold
Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon Eul's Scepter of Divinity 3 2625 Gold 875 Gold
Harpoon icon Harpoon 2.5 4700 Gold 1880 Gold
Linken's Sphere icon Linken's Sphere 5.05 4800 Gold 950.5 Gold
Mage Slayer icon Mage Slayer 2.5 2825 Gold 1130 Gold
Null Talisman icon Null Talisman 1 1 505 Gold 505 Gold
Null Talisman icon Null Talisman 2 2 505 Gold 252.5 Gold
Oblivion Staff icon Oblivion Staff 1.5 1625 Gold 1083.33 Gold
Orchid Malevolence icon Orchid Malevolence 3.75 3275 Gold 873.33 Gold
Parasma icon Parasma 3.5 5975 Gold 1707.14 Gold
Scythe of Vyse icon Scythe of Vyse 10 5200 Gold 520 Gold
Spirit Vessel icon Spirit Vessel 2.05 2780 Gold 1356.1 Gold
Urn of Shadows icon Urn of Shadows 1.5 880 Gold 586.67 Gold
Wind Waker icon Wind Waker 4.75 6825 Gold 1436.84 Gold
Witch Blade icon Witch Blade 2.1 2775 Gold 1321.43 Gold

These items have a flat mana regeneration bonus to the hero who has them equipped.

Flat rate mana regeneration
Item Value Item Cost Cost/Value Point
Aether Lens icon Aether Lens 2.5 2275 Gold 910 Gold
Arcane Boots icon Arcane Boots 0.75 1300 Gold 1733.33 Gold
Battle Fury icon Battle Fury 2.75 4100 Gold 1490.91 Gold
Bloodstone icon Bloodstone 3 4400 Gold 1466.67 Gold
Bullwhip icon Bullwhip 2 N/A N/A
Cornucopia icon Cornucopia 2 1200 Gold 600 Gold
Doubloon icon Doubloon 2.5 N/A N/A
Echo Sabre icon Echo Sabre 1.75 2700 Gold 1542.86 Gold
Eye of the Vizier icon Eye of the Vizier 1.25 N/A N/A
Falcon Blade icon Falcon Blade 1.8 1125 Gold 625 Gold
Guardian Greaves icon Guardian Greaves 1.5 4950 Gold 3300 Gold
Infused Raindrop icon Infused Raindrops 0.8 225 Gold 281.25 Gold
Lotus Orb icon Lotus Orb 4 3850 Gold 962.5 Gold
Octarine Core icon Octarine Core 6 4800 Gold 800 Gold
Perseverance icon Perseverance 2.25 1400 Gold 622.22 Gold
Refresher Orb icon Refresher Orb 8 5000 Gold 625 Gold
Refresher Shard icon Refresher Shard 6 N/A N/A
Ring of Basilius icon Ring of Basilius 0.5 425 Gold 850 Gold
Sage's Mask icon Sage's Mask 0.7 175 Gold 250 Gold
Seer Stone icon Seer Stone 10 N/A N/A
Stormcrafter icon Stormcrafter 4 N/A N/A
Tiara of Selemene icon Tiara of Selemene 6 1800 Gold 300 Gold
Vladmir's Offering icon Vladmir's Offering 0.75 2200 Gold 2933.33 Gold
Void Stone icon Void Stone 1.75 700 Gold 400 Gold

These items increase the hero's mana regeneration through the Intelligence attribute symbol intelligence they provide.

Intelligence mana regeneration
Item Value Item Cost Cost/Value Point
Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter 0.5 4200 Gold 8400 Gold
Arcane Blink icon Arcane Blink 1.25 6800 Gold 5440 Gold
Arcane Ring icon Arcane Ring 0.3 N/A N/A
Book of Shadows icon Book of Shadows 0.65 N/A N/A
Book of the Dead icon Book of the Dead 1.25 N/A N/A
Boots of Bearing icon Boots of Bearing 0.4 4275 Gold 10687.5 Gold
Bracer icon Bracer 1 0.1 505 Gold 5050 Gold
Bracer icon Bracer 2 0.2 505 Gold 2525 Gold
Circlet icon Circlet 0.1 155 Gold 1550 Gold
Crown icon Crown 0.2 450 Gold 2250 Gold
Defiant Shell icon Defiant Shell 0.35 N/A N/A
Diadem icon Diadem 0.3 1000 Gold 3333.33 Gold
Diffusal Blade icon Diffusal Blade 0.5 2500 Gold 5000 Gold
Disperser icon Disperser 0.5 6100 Gold 12200 Gold
Drum of Endurance icon Drum of Endurance 0.35 1650 Gold 4714.29 Gold
Eye of Skadi icon Eye of Skadi 1.1 5300 Gold 4818.18 Gold
Force Staff icon Force Staff 0.5 2200 Gold 4400 Gold
Ghost Scepter icon Ghost Scepter 0.25 1500 Gold 6000 Gold
Gleipnir icon Gleipnir 1.25 5450 Gold 4360 Gold
Helm of the Dominator icon Helm of the Dominator 0.3 2625 Gold 8750 Gold
Helm of the Overlord icon Helm of the Overlord 1.05 5725 Gold 5452.38 Gold
Holy Locket icon Holy Locket 0.45 2350 Gold 5222.22 Gold
Hurricane Pike icon Hurricane Pike 0.75 4450 Gold 5933.33 Gold
Iron Branch icon Iron Branch 0.05 50 Gold 1000 Gold
Kaya icon Kaya 0.8 2100 Gold 2625 Gold
Kaya and Sange icon Kaya and Sange 0.8 4050 Gold 5062.5 Gold
Khanda icon Khanda 0.4 5000 Gold 12500 Gold
Magic Wand icon Magic Wand 0.15 450 Gold 3000 Gold
Manta Style icon Manta Style 0.5 4550 Gold 9100 Gold
Mantle of Intelligence icon Mantle of Intelligence 0.15 140 Gold 933.33 Gold
Meteor Hammer icon Meteor Hammer 1.2 2850 Gold 2375 Gold
Mirror Shield icon Mirror Shield 0.5 N/A N/A
Mystic Staff icon Mystic Staff 1.25 2800 Gold 2240 Gold
Occult Bracelet icon Occult Bracelet 0.15 N/A N/A
Phylactery icon Phylactery 0.35 2400 Gold 6857.14 Gold
Pig Pole icon Pig Pole 0.25 N/A N/A
Power Treads (Intelligence) icon Power Treads (Intelligence) 0.5 1400 Gold 2800 Gold
Robe of the Magi icon Robe of the Magi 0.3 450 Gold 1500 Gold
Rod of Atos icon Rod of Atos 0.75 2250 Gold 3000 Gold
Shiva's Guard icon Shiva's Guard 0.25 5175 Gold 20700 Gold
Solar Crest icon Solar Crest 0.2 2700 Gold 13500 Gold
Specialist's Array icon Specialist's Array 0.3 N/A N/A
Staff of Wizardry icon Staff of Wizardry 0.5 1000 Gold 2000 Gold
Ultimate Orb icon Ultimate Orb 0.75 2800 Gold 3733.33 Gold
Vambrace (Agility) icon Vambrace (Agility) 0.1 N/A N/A
Vambrace (Intelligence) icon Vambrace (Intelligence) 0.4 N/A N/A
Vambrace (Strength) icon Vambrace (Strength) 0.1 N/A N/A
Veil of Discord icon Veil of Discord 0.2 1725 Gold 8625 Gold
Wraith Band icon Wraith Band 1 0.1 505 Gold 5050 Gold
Wraith Band icon Wraith Band 2 0.2 505 Gold 2525 Gold
Yasha and Kaya icon Yasha and Kaya 0.8 4000 Gold 5000 Gold

Mana Regen Manipulation[]

Mana regen manipulation refers to any form of amplification and reduction applied to mana regeneration.

1 Requires Talent talent.
2a Requires Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter.
2b Requires Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard.


Mana Regen Amplification
Talent icon
There is no description for this ability.
Mana Regen Amplification: Varies

  • Grants the hero mana regen amplification.
  • Has the following values:
    • 10%

No hero has this talent

Recent Changes[]

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